Five Places to Get Your Moustache Wet for Movember


The month formerly known as November has transformed into Movember, as dramatically as facial hair sprouting on a clean-shaven face. Get ready, San Francisco, moustaches are coming! Give your growing moustache some nourishment and encouragement for the upcoming month or for the follically-challenged, adorn a milky, foamy or colorful moustache above your upper lip. These top five beverages at San Francisco’s beloved restaurants will allow you to accessorize your face in tasty style.

Bread & Cocoa: Lavender Mint Latte

If you are looking for something fragrant to go below your nose, the Lavender Mint Latte can be your aromatherapy. This latte located in the hustle of the FiDi can relax with its herbal notes to keep you calm through Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers: Nutella Milkshake

Milk moustaches are so 2000 and late; if you want something thicker and tastier, the Nutella Milkshake at Pearl’s offers just that. Nutella is the indulgence that combines two of the best things: chocolate and hazelnuts, add that to the combo of milk and ice cream and the result is the most decadent beverage imaginable.

Corazon Juicebar: Vampire’s Candy

Need a moustache as thick and red as blood? Vampire’s Candy is an antioxidant -filled juice that is sweet and colored with pomegranate, raspberries and beets. This beverage is perfect for Halloween and beyond.

Viva Goa: Mango Lassi

Indian and Portuguese come together beautifully at Viva Goa in the Marina. If you need a cool down from the heat of the food, order yourself a mango lassi that is both functional and stylish: mangos for Movember!

Quickly: Milk Tea

Between the multiple Quickly locations in this city and the vast variation of milk tea options ranging from aloe to cantaloupe to pudding milk teas, the possibilities are endless. Choose the size of your beverage and boba, ice options, added flavors and dictate your preferred level of sweetness. Just don’t forget: if you want a moustache, you are going to have to go strawless.

Since for many of you time is of the essence, get your moustache faster by pre-ordering, paying ahead and skipping the line through GoPago on your smartphone. These scrumptious drinks and hundreds of other restaurants are only a tap away. Share pictures of your tasty mustaches with GoPago through Facebook and Twitter for the month of Movember to be one of ten ‘staches to win a $5 credit.


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