Creative Made-in-the-Bay Gifts for Artists, Musicians + Culture Seekers
(Courtesy of Case for Making, Chinatown Pretty, Club Fugazi, SF Guitar Works)

Creative Made-in-the-Bay Gifts for Artists, Musicians + Culture Seekers


This story is brought to you by Cruise, an all-electric self-driving car service based in San Francisco.

Think the creative type in your life is a tricky giftee? Nah!

We've got gifts that are sure to satisfy every arts and culture lover, from design-your-own guitars to wood carving club and California-inspired watercolors. Inspire them this season.

A Pick-Them-Up

(Courtesy of Kikoko)

Even geniuses get creative block every now and then. Give them a Kikoko Boost with this new formulation of the North Bay brand's Little Helpers. The microdosed mints—composed of 2.5 milligrams each of THCV and THC plus a hint of matcha—take aim at uplifting and energizing without the crash of a cup of coffee or a sugary snack. Also look out for Creativi-tea ($20 for the Gift of Genius four-pack tin), the newest in Kikoko's line of signature, blissful teas, due out on December 1st. // $30 for Kikoko Little Helpers (20/tin),

Introducing Cruise for Good

The holiday season is the time for giving, and Cruise gives back to San Francisco year-round. Cruise is an all-electric self-driving car service coming soon to SF. While Cruise's autonomous vehicles have driven millions of miles to learn the city streets, Cruise also dedicates 1 percent of its fleet to important community needs, like delivering thousands of meals with the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank and SF New Deal. Learn more at

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