How To: Style Sexy Valentine’s Day Hair


For advice on creating fabulously foxy hair for Valentine's Day, we turned to local stylist Frankee Uno. Here are her tricks of the trade for perfecting two classic styles.

Romantic curls

-    Start by applying a thermal protectant (Uno recommends S-Factor Heat Defender) to wet hair.
-    Power dry hair using a back and forth motion until it’s completely dry. Using a brush isn’t necessary.
-    Divide hair evenly into small sections and secure in place with sectioning clips.
-    Using a two-inch curling wand or stick such as the Fat Curl Stick by Tigi, curl hair section-by-section. The closer the curls are to the scalp, the greater the volume in the end, Uno says. After curling each section, set with hair spray.
-    Leave curls tight until you’re ready to go out for the evening. At the last minute, loosen the curls gently by sliding your fingers carefully along the scalp. Spray lightly once more with hair spray for added hold.

Big blow-out

-    Start by power drying hair until it’s about 75 percent of the way dry.
-    Section hair evenly and secure using hair sectioning clips.
-    Continue drying hair one section at a time using a ceramic brush, designed to decrease frizz and heat hair evenly while preventing burning. As you finish drying a section, blast each with the blowdryer’s cool shot button or coolest temperature to set the style.
-    Finish with an aerosol hairspray for hold.

For more beauty tips and trends, look out for the Dream Girl feature in the March issue of 7x7 magazine hitting newsstands at the end of February.

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