I'm an Ambivalent Parent, Hear Me Roar...in Humorous Monologues at Cobb's Tonight.


Carol Brady and June Cleaver made motherhood look like a snap. An easy as homemade pie, wholly satisfying and utterly instinctual snap. But the adult survivors of TV-land's faux maternal perfection have made a cottage industry of kvetching, griping, sharing and obsessing. Mommy-blogging and mommy lit and maternal bitching are all the rage and the latest incarnation of “I'm an ambivalent parent here me roar” is the live storytelling series called Afterbirth and its tonight, one night only at Cobb's Comedy Club.

These, we’re told, are stories you won't read in a Parenting Magazine.

Having played to sold out audiences for two years in Los Angeles, the show now pops up now and again in LA and New York and tonight at Cobbs where the performers include writers and TV folk, such as the producers of “Sex and the City”, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Everybody Loves Raymond” and Bay Area author Ayelet Waldman ( “Bad Mother), Peter Horton (actor “In Treatment,” “Thirtysomething,” and executive producer of “Grey’s Anatomy") among others. The show will also be performed in Santa Cruz tomorrow night. And if you can’t make these, a book collection of these stories was just released.

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