Incanto Executive Chef Chris Cosentino Breaks Down SF-Style 'Easy Chinese'


Incanto executive chef Chris Cosentino, a Food Network regular (as the co-host of Chefs vs. City) and the latest culinary master (after Anthony Bourdain and season-six Top Chef wannabe Eli Kirshtein, among others) to wield his knives as a comic-book superhero sidekick – adding just a pinch more bite to Wolverine's bark – expands his TV repertoire this week as a guest on the Cooking Channel's Easy Chinese: San Francisco, a 14-episode guide to creating the great Chinese dishes made famous in the city.

The show, hosted by Ching-He Huang (BBC's Chinese Food Made Easy) and shot on location – though much of the prep work is done in a generic studio setting – finds Cosentino scouting the Ferry Plaza Market for its freshest offerings before Huang moves on to Moss Landing to visit the Far West Fungi Mushroom Farm. Recipes highlighted in the episode include sweet-and-sour fish fillets, vegetable chow mein, posh chopped suey and General Tso's chicken. For listings, click here.

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