Introducing the Switch, aka The Netflix and Chill Button


What if, at the flip of a single switch, you could turn down the lights, order your dinner, silence your phone, and queue up a movie? Nerds, rejoice: At this year's World Maker Faire, Netflix debuted its prototype for “The Switch.” 

Before you get yourself into a tizzy, let us be clear that The Switch isn't for everyone. You can't just plunk down your credit card and buy it in a store; and there's no geek squad to set it up.

Oh, no. The "Netflix and chill button" is to be the reward of industrious makers, who can apply their knowledge of basic schematics, electronics prototyping, and APIs to assemble their own network-connected device. Netflix simply supplies a list of materials and detailed instructions for building your own Switch. (Note: It's best to begin with a TV remote that already has a Netflix button.) 

It may sound like sorcery. And sure, you could just admit defeat and manually turn off your phone and log in to Caviar for food delivery as always. But for all you Netflix and chill adopters, this is could be your means to impress your new slam piece. 

Have no idea what we're talking about? It's a meme. Look it up. Or, allow us to help with this visual cue. 

Got it now? Good. Nicki Minaj also posted this take on the meme to her Instagram

Will you build your own Switch?

PS: Please Netflix and chill responsibly.

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