It's Friday: Have a Burger and a Beer


So burgers are definitely in the air around here. And while I was not invited to participate in selecting 7x7's 10 Best Burgers in the City, it's not like I don't have my opinions. But I'm not here to raise my hackles about what makes a quality burgers (I will say that I like 'em off a greasy griddle and always with extra pickles), but to celebrate them and what to drink with them. I've tried all manner of so-called "burger wines" (simple, quaffing, fruity reds) and I've had beer with a plethora of cocktails (margaritas, manhattans) and nothing, nothing matches up as well as a good old-fashioned beer. I know that's not exactly breaking news, but it's worth saying.

And it's not something you have to geek out about, as a wide range of brews work well with burgers. But not all beer styles. For instance, I'm not sure what it is, but I like a less-agressively hopped beer best with burgers. It could be anything from a light lager to a creamy stout, but I find that beers which are not super-hoppy and bitter like an IPA blend best with the caramelized flavors of the meat and the sweet, airiness of the bun. Of course, pickles and pilsners make a much better combo than pickles and anything else.If you've got grilled onions on the burger, consider something with toasted malt, like a porter or a stout.

In fact, I enjoyed this celestial combination today at lunch, and I give you permission to go out any time today or this weekend for a burger and a beer. It's satisfying, and you've earned it. Incidentally, it was burger day at my neighborhood lunch to-go spot, Kitchenette. Marin Sun Farms grass-fed beef, fatted calf bacon, ripe, sweet tomatoes and home-made summer-squash pickles. The burger was spectacular. (BTW, I've just moved into the Dogpatch, so I'm just getting to know Kitchenette. But I must say that based on the few times I've gone, I think theirs are the best sandwiches in the city. Worth the trip out here, if you haven't been before. Because if I happen to read their twitter feed, which posts daily their ever-changing menu, it takes serious willpower to resist going over there.) Of course, the beer came from my fridge. Simple, vapid Pacifico. A perfectly innocent lunchtime dram, which, along with that great burger, makes for a perfect summer Friday. Cheers.

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