Just How Much Money Can You Make Renting Your Apartment on Airbnb?


With recent reports stating that SF-based Airbnb could soon be worth over $20 billion dollars, it stands to reason that local hosts are also cashing in on the booming room-share economy. Right? As one of the most popular Airbnb destinations (and least affordable cities in the U.S.), we wondered just how much a SF resident can make by renting their apartment on the website. 

To find out, SmartAsset took a look at the data from SF-based Airbnb pricing company Beyond Pricing to find just how much bacon you're likely to bring in. 

Some of their findings include: 

  • The average annual profit of Airbnb hosts renting out a two bedroom apartment or house in SF is $19,279 after fees. 
  • Before fees, SF renters are likely to make over $77,845 in annual income.  
  • SF Airbnb hosts are looking at paying off a significant portion of their rent—91% to be exact. 
  • San Francisco and New York capture the highest average Airbnb nightly prices, at $247 and $233 respectively. 

Check out the complete details of the study on their website to see how other cities (including Oakland) stack up against SF. And sign us up.

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