Marin-based Zenni launches affordable, fog-free glasses + more style news
(Courtesy of Zenni)

Marin-based Zenni launches affordable, fog-free glasses + more style news


With anti-fog technology and a special lens cloth designed to banish mask-induced glasses fog, Zenni glasses 'bout to be your new best friend.

Plus, we discovered Copia Bags, an artisanal leather label based in Marin (we're besotted!) and The Well Organics' essential-oil sprays that brighten spirits, inspire, energize and promote peace within.

Copia Bags are our kind of pandemic baby.

The croc-embossed Mercury bag features a removable, reversible strap.

(Courtesy of Copia Bags)

When Mill Valley designer Chase Allen Rogers found herself floundering and isolated during the early days of the pandemic, she didn't crumple up on the couch (at least not for long). Rather, she reached out to an old friend and entrepreneur, Facundo Puch in Argentina, and together they re-discovered a mutual passion for handcrafted goods. The end result of this meeting of the minds hands? Copia Bags, an artisanal leather handbag label with a focus on sustainable materials. All fine leathers and cowhides (sourced as by-products of other industries) are from Argentina and created by local craftspeople. Needless to say, we're gaga for all the supple beauties—clutches, totes and crossbodies. Sitting atop our most-wanted list, though, is Mercury, an oversized off-white stunner with an embossed croc pattern, rich chocolate-brown suede accents and removable, reversible strap.

// Copia Bags range from $69 to $469; shop online at

You can see clearly now the fog is gone. Way to go, Zenni.

(Courtesy of Zenni)

Hallelujah! Zenni found the kryptonite to the bane our existence—foggy glasses. The Novato eyewear biz just launched anti-fog lenses designed specifically to combat our collective frustration with fogged-up sunnies and prescription eyewear while mask-ing. (Like, duh, we need to see how long the line is at Trader Joe's and to dodge sweaty runners headed our way.) The anti-fog-coated lenses are $13 and come with anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and also with a special cloth that activates the anti-fog technology, keeping lenses clear whatever the sitch.

// Zenni's anti-fog lenses are available to purchase online

Skip the Aperol...this spritz from The Well Organics is the refresher you need now.

(Courtesy of The Well Organics)

Step 1: Mist yourself in Positivity, Awakening, Inspiration, and/or Radiance from Berkeley's The Well Organics. Step 2: Release shoulders and breathe. Step 3: Savor that feeling of calm. The company's four aromatherapy spritzes are made with 100 percent organic essential oils and are designed to be sprayed in the air or directly on the body to reboot, refresh, and reset your state of mind. We're most looking forward to checking out Positivity, meant to promote optimism and lift spirits with tones of jasmine, neroli, rose, and ylang ylang. Radiance, all about increasing one's sense of wellbeing with notes of lily of the valley and hints of sweet orange, sounds pretty good, too. If atomizers aren't your thing, no worries: Roll-on fragrances are also available.

// The Well Organics spritzes are $22-$42, roll-ons are $49; shop online at

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