Levi's Create the Perfect Fit With Curve ID Jeans


Let’s face it: finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a cumbersome process. In comes SF-based denim extraordinaire Levi’s to the rescue. The brand, who’s garnered a cult following for denim diehards ranging from Mission and Haight hipsters to the blue-collared working class, just released a new denim line dubbed, Curve ID, a three-style concept that promises to complement every woman's figure.

The ingenuity behind the line is that it was created around a woman's shape, not by her size. A mere three styles made to encompass the whole female population sounds incredulous at first, but Levi's did its homework measuring over 60,000 females across the world. The result? Three prominent body type styles: slight curve, demi curve, and bold curve. The slight curve fit is ideal for women who have a straight figure; the demi curve targets those who have even proportions, while bold curve ladies won't have to worry about annoying gaping or pulling with this body-hugging fit.

Additionally, each style comes in a ton of different cuts — like skinny, flare, and straight-leg — so you can pick and choose to your denim's desire. With the 411 in hand, drop by the flagship location on Post Street and try on a pair yourself.

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