Link Love: Bow Heads, the Hated Scrunchie, Posen's Facebook Fashion


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During a perusal of the Diane von Furstenberg cruise 2010 collection on View on Fashion, we asked ourselves, what do we think of this big bow trend? You might not catch one on our heads anytime soon, but DVF is hardly the only one embracing these over-the-top accessories. For a local example, check out the recent profile of Liina Gruener on 7x7.

Sephora’s Beauty and the Blog alerts us to three trends to hate right now. On the scrunchie front, we most definitely concur. They must be stopped.

San Francisco jewelry designer John S. Brana, whose work we spotted recently alongside the latest from Zoe Bikini during a Charleston Pierce fashion show at Temple, is giving away a $100 gift certificate this month. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on the designer’s blog. Considering that there are currently no comments, your odds of winning are looking quite good...

Mr. Peacock Style reminds us of a slew of reasons to love Peggy Lee.

Berkeley’s Bare Magazine blog gives us three ways to wear the boyfriend blazer this summer.

Makeup and Beauty Blog gets tongue-tied talking beauty with Francois Nars himself during a recent San Francisco event.

Mociun has arrived at Bell Jar. You can learn all about this sought-after Brooklyn indie label on the Bell Jar blog.

Fans of Ferragamo, take note: SF Unzipped warns that the Union Square Saks may be phasing the shoes out over the coming year.

Vanity Fair contemplates Sonya Sotomayor’s style.

We’re not exactly sure what in the world he means by it, but we’re definitely intrigued by designer Zac Posen’s comment to The Cut that an upcoming collection may be inspired by Facebook. Can’t wait to see how that translates on the runway....

Lest you think fashion only happens in fabric, we’d recommend a peek at the Twenty Thirty Fourty blog for coverage of a recent art show surveying fabulous fashion made of paper.

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