Link Love: Swine Flu at Vogue, Tingling Thigh Syndrome in SF and Retro Swimwear


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We hear from the HuffPo that swine flu has landed at the Vogue offices. We bet Sally Singer is glad she’s in San Francisco this week.

To add to the list of scary ailments you might be in danger of getting, here’s a new one: Tingling Thigh Syndrome. The culprit? Skinny jeans. Just ask San Francisco’s Parmeeta Ghoman, whose jeans-related affliction was recently highlighted on MSNBC.

With all the danger related to skinny jeans these days, we’re thinking you might want to opt for something else, like, say, skinny bracelets featured recently on Coquette.

We’ve all been experienced pain at the hands of good fashion (hello stilettos). Now the fashion industry is experiencing some serious pains of its own. Dolce & Gabbana are accused of tax evasion (again), Lacroix is bankrupt, Tiffany & Co. is struggling, there’s infighting at Versace and Giselle is $10 million poorer this year. All via the Cut....

Speaking of taxes we may want to evade, SFist leads us to ponder whether the nation will join 130 countries around the world and head for a VAT tax on all goods and services, from haircuts to herring?

Need something for your prurient side? Indulge in San Francisco’s Top 10 Sex Scandals.

SF Luxe captures our attention with pics of San Francisco socialites and design fans who hoofed it over to Potrero Hill recently for the opening of Obsolete (which, it turns out, is anything but).

SFgirlbybay alerts us to some lovely vintage-inspired swimwear out of Portland from Popina.

J.J. Abrams gives some love to local designer GAMA-GO.

The Coveted takes us on a trip to Chestnut Street’s Benefit Cosmetics store to see the latest and greatest from the San Francisco-based beauty company.

The Sephora blog
tempts us to slather it on with the notion that wearing makeup can make you lose weight.

In other makeup news, Bay Area-based Makeup and Beauty blog sets its sights abroad with 5 Japanese brands you should try.

From Urban Outfitters, we discover that Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth fame has put her collection of vintage Daryl K on eBay.

Vanity Fair gives us the low down on more high-end designers dipping into the sustainable style arena.

San Francisco Beauty Examiner Mira Torres helps us rock a fake tan better than we could do it on our own.

And last, but not least, Style Studio SF lets us in on its best style secret ever.

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