Match Made in Heaven: Dynamo Donut and Coffee


Coffee and donuts have been happily married for years, but Dynamo Donut and Coffee is about to redefine that marriage (especially fitting, since today marks the second legalization of gay marriage in California). The new, admittedly thrilling, venture, opening on 24th Street between York and Hampshire at the beginning of July, will be serving up Four Barrel Coffee and handmade, yeast-risen donuts in flavors such as lemon-thyme with honey glaze, chocolate with spice cinnamon, bacon-apple with maple glaze and caramel fleur de sel, as well as a traditional glazed with a touch of vanilla bean (also in the works: jelly-filled).

It all sounds a bit like the Bi-Rite Creamery of donuts to me, which can only be a good thing. I’d like to make a pitch, however, for a few more basic choices—maybe a chocolate-glazed, or crumble-topped, or even an apple fritter (god, I love apple fritters). The brainchild of Sara Spearin, a fan of the great history of American baking and formerly a baker at Liberty Café Bakery in Bernal Heights, the little spot will start off with a small offering of the fried dough (made off-site for now) and eventually open into a full-service bakery and lunch spot, also serving a variety of American-style breads. Two investors are from nearby Atlas Café and Spearin’s husband, Absinthe bartender Jonny Raglin (whose card says “cocktail wizard” and directs you to, is also helping out. Not that he suggested it, but it’s hard not to imagine: Cocktails and donuts being the next pairing—a marriage that could start out really exciting but probably should (and would) end in divorce. Or at least some serious regret.

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