NYT Smuggles Tiki Talk into Rum Discussion


The better part of Wednesday's Dining section in the New York Times was given to their coverage of so-called winter drinks. But instead of toddies and warmers they talked instead about rum, though not the hot and buttered kind that would seem appropriate for this time of year. Rather it was aged rum in a tasting column by E Asimov and an article on the revival of rum-based tiki cocktails puncturing the mustachioed seriousness of the hardcore bartending set.

The second one had special relevance for us here in SF as it gave away some precious and rare details about Smuggler's Cove the new Martin Cate bar slated to open next week. The article even offered photography of some show-stopping pyrotechnics in some of the more ambitious, volcanic-island-themed drinks (anything Cate does will easily look better than the photo of the weird and unappetizing ball-gagged tiki drink to be featured at a new LA tiki spot) . Of course, the Times' preview will be moot by Friday, when I'll bring you a report from Thursday, when Cate first opens the doors for a press preview.

As for rum. Well, today's cold. A hot butter version or perhaps a rummy Spanish Coffee at Absinthe seem perfect to me.

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