Ordering Drinks: How to Get Served in SF


DO have your entire order ready, for yourself and your friends. No bartender has the time to meet each member of your posse. And when we finish making your margarita, please don't say, "Oh, and two more of those."

DON'T whine, "My drink's too sweet." Politely say that you like it a little more tart, and we'll be happy to fix it for you.

DO be patient.

DON'T ask to have your drink made extra strong. Would you ask a chef to put an extra steak on your plate for no charge?

DO have your money or credit card ready. The moment to dig through your purse is not when there are 50 people behind you.

DON'T whistle or wave to get the bartender's attention. It just makes it easier for us to identify whom to serve last.

DO tip well. A buck is fine on a beer or two, but not for two or more labor-intensive cocktails.

DON'T assume Corona, Red Bull or Malibu is available. Or that the bartender should be willing to make some nasty, obscure shot you once had in Cabo. DO refrain from calling out our names if we haven't introduced ourselves first. It's creepy.

DO smile. And we'll probably smile back.

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