Palin-Biden Showdown: Where to Watch

Hot Mess (according to Urban Dictionary):
-When one looks terrible, or acts in such a way that makes them unpleasant to be around
-A person that looks just pitiful
-When a problem or situation is past the point of fixing

Courtney Love
Hammer pants
Potentially, tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate

The highly anticipated debate between Vice Presidential hopefuls Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin starts at 6pm tonight. Tune in to find out if how long it takes for Biden to get defensive, and pray Palin fares better than she did with Katie Couric.

Joints to pull up some real estate and pay witness:
-Harry’s Bar, 2020 Fillmore st.
-Phoenix Bar, 811 Valencia
-Jones Restaurant, 2400 Lombard
-Giordano Bros, 303 Columbus Ave.
-The Dubliner, 3838 24th St.

Don’t forget to bring an umbrella. It’s gonna be a “you know what” storm.

-Caitlin Donovan
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