Pop Quiz! An SF Pop Culture Pop Quiz from popchips


Every Tuesday this summer (in July, August and September), in partnership with our friends over at popchips (which is headquartered over on Montgomery and Clay), we'll be testing your local knowledge with SF Pop Culture Pop Quizzes from popchips. Follow and tweet to @popchipsSF for your chance to win a...wait for it...month's supply of popchips. Your party-snack shopping for the rest of the summer? Done.

So without further ado, here's our first question. (We're starting off easy).

In the show Arrested Development (please bring it back!), David Cross disguises himself as maid and nanny Mrs. Featherbottom, unaware that everyone knows that it's him. 

The disguise is a comic nod to a classic early-90s romantic comedy, filmed in San Francisco. What is the movie and what cross streets do the family live on in the city?

Go! Your popchips await.

Hungry for more? Follow @popchipsSF to stay on top what's poppin' in SF, and don't forget to head over to @wholefoodsSF to pick up a bag.

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