Red, White and Rosé: Three Picnic Wines for Labor Day


I caught up with former sommelier and current SF wine personality Debbie Zachareas to get some quick and easy wine ideas for upcoming Labor Day picnics and gatherings. The idea was to find wines that would work with sunny days like today. Zachareas is also a partner in the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant, so I asked for three wines--a white, a rosé, and a red--that are currently available there, so you know they're in stock. Here are her choices and comments.

White: Granbazan Albarino -- "I've been drinking a lot of this lately myself. It's crisp, clean and very mineral. From old vines and one of the oldest, most venerable properties in the Rias Baixas of Spain. Great with vegetables and seafood." $22.00

Rosé: Loomis Family Vineyards "Air" 2008 -- "Jeff Loomis is an interesting guy, making wine at high altitudes in Napa. But you don't see a lot of rosé coming out of Napa, and not many like this. It's brisk, classic, modeled on a European, French style--restrained and elegant. Great with all kinds of food or just for sipping." $15.50

Red: Domaine La Millière Cotes du Rhône 007 -- "2007 was such an amazing vintage. Everything is just a step up in quality from the average year. This is the regional wine of one of the best Chateauneuf du Pape producers, so it's got some pedigree. I think it's one of the best deals in the store. From old vines, it's rich, dark, with vibrant fruit and a brambly quality. It will go with anything that comes off the grill." $18.00

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