Resolve to Learn Cool Stuff This Year: 3 Fish Studios Printmaking Workshops


When it comes to resolutions, I'm admittedly a pessimist. Go for a run every morning? Finish all my projects around the house? Pfft, not bloody likely. But if said resolution involves learning something fun, I'm a hopeless optimist. Sure, I'll take up sewing! Absolutely I'll be letterpressing like a pro by the end of the year!

But even if I'm utterly pumped at the idea of my as-yet-to-be newfound skill, making it happen can still be dicey. This year, I'd like to change that. So I've been looking up crafty workshops and classes to get me motivated early.

If you're looking to kick the same kind of resolution into high gear, here we go: 3 Fish Studios has openings for their printmaking workshop this Saturday, January 8th.  Read more...

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