Roxie Theater Hopes to Add Beer to Its Selection of Concession-Stand Treats

Roxie Theater Hopes to Add Beer to Its Selection of Concession-Stand Treats


Let's all go to the lobby, and have ourselves a... beer?

It could happen. Well past the legal age of consumption, the 102-year-old Roxie Theater has applied for a permanent beer license. Over the past year, the Roxie has used its nonprofit status to obtain day-use permits for on-site alcohol, and the response was so overwhelmingly positive that the theater is trying to make beer a permanent addition to its menu.

It's a win-win proposition. Beer sales would honor the spirit of the Roxie's mission statement, to make the theater a place of gathering and celebration; it would also strengthen the theater's long-term business model.

With the litany of struggles independent theaters have faced recently – illustrated, sadly enough, by this week's closing of the Red Vic – beer sales will help broaden the Roxie's revenue stream by allowing its operators to offer a more complete evening on the town, drawing larger crowds for its unique mix of indie gems, hard-to-find documentaries and overlooked classics.

The Roxie also remains dedicated to offering patrons a selection of family-friendly events, and its updated programs will clearly indicate when screenings are appropriate only for those 21 and over. It has not yet been determined if beer will be available every day, only on weekends or just for special events.

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