Sausalito Trailblazer of Contemporary Art Announces Upcoming Fall Shows


Among the many kitschy art galleries that the average tourist visits in Sausalito, Sanyok Gallery delivers and impresses the masses with its non-consumerist collection of modern American art.

A new voice of artistic clarity, expression, and sensibility, Sanyok Gallery is in the pursuit of bringing emotion, authenticity, and humanness back to art. “When we launched Sanyok Gallery in Sausalito, our vision was to be the center of discovery of contemporary new art movements and directions. We saw Marin County as an oasis - a place where beauty, nature, and miracles of creativity bear fruit to a diverse, talented, rich art life that was lacking a platform for artistic expression” says gallery director Michal Tavrovsky.

Just like the gallery, all the exhibited artists are true to their principles and values, without bowing to commercial pressure. 

Among the gallery’s highlights over the past two years have been the inception of Sausalito Contemporary Art Festival, the discovery of a new artistic movements including Symbolic Kinetic Realism in 4D, and more than 12 thematic curated projects.

The upcoming fall exhibits continue the Sanyok’s values of fearless artistic expression:

Exodus, opening on October 1, will depict the inception of a movement, its origins, incubation, growth, maturity, and the climactic threshold point when it spills outside of its boundaries and flows into new realms. This dynamic show is a collaborative installation by Jenny Belo and Michal Tav.

Marius, opening October 17, showcases Marius Starkey’s latest artwork. Recently selected as the painter for the iconic San Francisco Heroes and Hearts 2014 project benefiting SF General Hospital Foundation, Starkey has been exhibited at many museums including the Legion of Honor and the de Young.

The Contemporary Fall Art Festival is slated for November 1 followed by Conquest, a solo exhibition by Miriam Ellingson, the pioneer of the 70s on November 10.

Sanyok Gallery's desire to bring back the long forgotten motto -- beauty will save the world -- is so strong that it sees itself as the last Mohican who must preserve and bring back its biggest treasure – creative freedom and authenticity. As such, Sanyok supports all artists who have an authentic voice and have something to say to the world and people.



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