Say Goodbye at "The Last Kodachrome"


Some of us are stuck in the non-digital age. And by some, I mean me. I still have a cell phone that simply makes calls and sends texts and only last year did I convert from a paper calendar to an iTouch. So, you can imagine my dismay when digital photography took the place of film. It was a sad, sad day last year when Kodak discontinued its Kodachrome film, best known for producing the most vibrant photographic colors. Soon, the only business still processing it will stop. And thus ends an era during which photographers had an entirely different understanding and appreciation of their art form.

Luckily, for the nostalgic like me, RayKo Photo Center is showing a retrospective exhibit called “The Last Kodachrome,” which celebrates the life of the film, introduced in 1936, and the work that resulted from it. Gallery director Ann Jastrab selected images from photographers across the country—from haunting National Geographic cover photos and electrifying sea life to family photos and snapshots of personal histories. If you have any love for film, come pay tribute to the medium that  defined a generation and is too quickly slipping away into oblivion.

Free; Friday 12/17 - Friday 1/21; RayKo Photo Center, 428 Third St.,


Image: Walt Jones Photography

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