SF’s Best Bar Chefs Competition


On Tuesday, July 1, a select group of SF’s best bartenders battled it out in an Iron Chef-style competition to win the title of Best Bar Chef. The lively event, which took place at the Americano located in the Hotel Vitale, featured fierce competition from formidable bar chefs Ronaldo Colli from Americano, Josh Harris from Five Star Cocktails, and Cody Robertson from Oola and guest judges like of David Nepove, Vice-President of the United States Bartender’s Guild, Steven Oliver, GM of Le Colonial. Guests sipped on cocktails courtesy of Lotus Vodka as they applauded winner Ronaldo Colli. 

Camper English, Erick Castro

Sierra Zimei, Paul Berg

Steven Oliver, Camper English, Rob Bailey, Deborah Parker Wong

Chris Fu, Steven Liles

Steven Oliver, Deborah Parker Wong, Camper English

Jennifer McPhearson, Stephanie Falle

Kathleen Burkett, Arman Avilar

Anthony Black and Rob Bailey

David Nepove, Dave Guest

Nina Oestlien, Jennifer Shalamanov

Jessica Rebeck, Rob Bailey, Melissa Goldstein,  Elizabeth Johnson

Josh Valorosi, Steve Diamond, Daniel Bulti

Ben Holland, Sara Norris

Tanya Colli, George Steeley

Sebastian Arseguel, Josh Harris

Robert Drysdale, Lorena Matiel

Elena Pons, Bernat Bons

Josh Harris

Carolyn Love, Rob Richards

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