SF's Master of Up 'Dos


It’s high season for cultural events around town, and that means hair stylists skilled in special-occasion hair are in serious demand. I recently went looking for an expert who could pull off the quick-fire task of giving me some innovative up ‘dos—spurred by a recent flurry of post-work weeknight galas. Here are a couple of gorgeous styles whipped up by Cinta Salon’s Ernie Meneses, a Tinseltown-native and recent SF transplant, who has been in the hair biz for more than eight years. After my first visit with Ernie, I quickly realized I’d never have to worry about ending up with the dreaded over-curled and shellacked “bridesmaid” hair. With very little direction, he pulled together two chic and versatile looks for me to wear to the symphony and the opera. I especially loved Meneses’ ease under pressure. He didn’t break a sweat once when I arrived a few minutes late in a frazzled state and said: “I have to be in a cab in 45 minutes!” Now that’s talent.

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