Stuff We Like: Our Weekly Editors' Endorsements

Stuff We Like: Our Weekly Editors' Endorsements


Welcome to our weekly 'Stuff We Like' blog, where 7x7 editors talk about...stuff we like. (Check out past week's 'Stuff We Like' posts here).

Here's what we're into this week...

1.The Island Indulgence Treatment at SenSpa
I just had the treat of my life on Friday—a 90-minute Island Indulgence treatment at SenSpa, the urban oasis tucked quietly away in the Presidio that I’ve been dying to go to for years. A glorious combination of Hawaiian lomi lomi-style full-body massage, in-room steam therapy, soothing scalp massage, invigorating foot scrub, and floral island scents made it easy to daydream myself onto a beach in Maui and out of the bitter SF summer afternoon. The rhythmic kneading movements (meant to mimic the ocean) of the massage melted away all the tension in my body, leaving me a zen pool of Jell-O by the time the treatment ended. Now, I’m not one to frivolously spend on spas (not to mention that my salary simply doesn’t allow it), but even if it’s only once a year, do yourself a favor and save up the cash to give your body some much-needed love. —Allison McCarthy

2. The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival
This weekend is your last chance to see the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival until next summer. Outdoor Shakespeare festivals abound, but the setting of this one—at Sand Harbor State Park on the north shore, with the lake framing the stage—is beyond anything you’ve experienced before. Even better, this year they’re doing "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged),” a sort of comic Shakespeare medley, if you will. They have a full dinner menu and a bar right there, and you can even pre-order your meal online. Between the starry Tahoe sky and the happenings onstage, it’s a magical outing. PS: Remember to bundle up.Robin Rinaldi


3. Grateful Dogs Rescue
We just took in our first foster dog from Grateful Dogs Rescue, a big lug we named Junior. They have loads of sweet available dogs, which are adopted out with all of their shots, microchip identification and--with luck--some manners. In a few short weeks, he'll be ready for his forever home too. Who wants a labradoodle when you could have this hunk? Jessica Battilana

4. Silverado Resort
I can hardly look another day of fog in the face. So Friday, I skipped work, grabbed a girlfriend and headed up to Napa’s old-school Silverado Resort. For $50 or a 50 minute spa treatment (Monday through Friday, a 50 minute mani-pedi is only $50 and comes with a glass of sparkling rose), you get access to the country clubby resort’s big pool and their luxurious women’s locker room which includes a steam room, a dry sauna, an outdoor Jacuzzi, complimentary iced herbal tea and lots of good trashy magazines. A weekday means you might have the pool almost completely to yourself. Give yourself as many hours as possible because trust me, you’re not going to want to leave. Vitamin D immersion complete, try any one of the growing number of Napa restaurants. Sara Deseran

5. Mickey's Monkey and The Other Shop
Lately, the travel bug has been manifesting itself in mysterious ways: excessive desktop background changing, compulsive Kayak alert-setting, a sudden obsession with vintage globes. And although I can't go to Vietnam or Patagonia right now, I have been able to satisfy my vintage globe craving with trips to two amazing antique and vintage treasure-troves in my hood: Mickey's Monkey and The Other Shop. I bought a globe at Mickey's Monkey the other day and I heart it. Get swept away for hours in either of these spots. No plane ticket required.

5.5. Arcade Fire's "Sprawl II: Mountains Beyond Mountains"
Shhh...I'm sneaking in a second endorsement for the week and it'sthe song"Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" off of Arcade Fire's latest release. It's amazing, but do we expect any less from Arcade Fire? Tickets go on sale for their October performance at Big Sur's Henry Miller Library this Wednesday. I'm already billing it as my concert of the year. —Jennifer Pollock

6. The Painted Bird
Easily one of my favorite shops in the city, I've been coming to the Painted Bird since they first opened their doors. Whenever I need new duds for a party, a date, or for some good old-fashioned retail therapy, I walk down to this Valencia spot to cruise the cutest hand-picked vintage. Just a few days ago I scored a cute little denim number from 90s-era Contempo Casuals. Total score! And they are nearly always playing Neil Young, a fashion icon in his own right. —Laura Mason

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