Stuff We Like: Our Weekly Editors' Endorsements


Welcome to our weekly 'Stuff We Like' blog, where 7x7 editors talk about...stuff we like. (Check out past week's 'Stuff We Like' posts here).

Here's what we're into this week...

1. Walzwerk

To get my own personal Oktoberfest on, I headed to Walzwerk last night to down a few Franziskaner Hefeweizen beers. It's a creamy, wheaty blend with no bitter, hoppy tang to it, making it perfect with my chicken stuffed with apples and bacon, sundried cherry sauce and mashed potatoes. For just $6 you get a towering glass of the stuff to gulp amidst German-speaking customers (always a good sign in a German restaurant). It's a traditional East German restaurant (I know only Munich celebrates the several-week beer extravaganza) but I thought I'd pay respect to the country as a whole with one of their hearty meals on a cold night. Laura Mason

2. The Foreign Globester
I wouldn’t normally characterize my music taste as alternative, hip-hop, trip-hop loving, but I may have just converted. After one listen, I’m hooked on the collaboration between Bay Area-based Rondo Brothers and Motion Man called The Foreign Globester. The album features MC Lars and K Flay, who you’ve surely heard of. These guys have also worked with Dan the Automator, Galactic, Loquat, The Lovemakers, Scissors for Lefty, and more. Check out their jams with this track-by-track streaming player. If you’re stuck in a rut at work, put this on to get your creative juices flowing. It worked for me. Let it work for you. —Allison McCarthy

3. Fatted Calf's New Store
I'm so excited about tomorrow's opening of the Fatted Calf's first San Francisco store, conveniently located within walking distance from my house. Finally, my very own neighborhood butcher shop! This, my friends, is a game changer.  —Jessica Battilana

4. Café des Amis' 24 Layer Crepe Cake

How many crepes does it take to make a cake? At Café des Amis, the true star of the meal takes waiting until the end. The insta-classic 24 layer crepe cake, layered with Blenheim apricots and chamomile syrup, is its own kind of art and unlike so many overwhelmingly sweet desserts, it has a gentleness to it that makes you eat more than you intended to. Or maybe that was just me. —Sara Deseran

5. Mojo Bicycle Cafe

My weekly Sunday New York Times read is one of my last sacred hours sans connectivity. I've been on the hunt for the perfect coffee shop to read it at for years, and I think I've finally decided on the spot: The Mojo Bicycle Cafe. I ducked in from the morning rain there last Sunday to enjoy a Ritual Coffee, a bagel and their expertly curated playlist (Sleigh Bells, Yeasayer, Fleet Foxes, LCD Soundsystem..). And in addition to their nightly happy hours, they've also started a Monday/Tuesday night Supper Club Series, which this week, welcomes back guest chefs James Lalonde and Joe Mccolgan of Maverick. It's unfortunately sold out tonight, but to make reservations for future Supper Clubs, call 415-440-2370. —Jennifer Pollock

6. Grapefruit Sours from Taj Campton Place
My new favorite after-work cocktail from Taj Campton Place’s new fall cocktail menu: their Grapefruit Sour. It’s pale pink, smacks of vodka, and makes use of my favorite citrus fruit. What’s not to like?

Campton Place’s Grapefruit Sour
2 oz. Belvedere Pink Grapefruit vodka
1/2 oz. Citronage
1/2 oz. sweet & sour mix
1/2 oz. cranberry juice
2 oz. fresh grapefruit juice
Shake well, pour on the rocks, and garnish with a lime wedge.

—Robin Rinaldi

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