Tartan blankets in The Garden at Del Popolo. (Eric Wolfinger)

Planning a Party? The Best Private Dining Rooms in San Francisco [Updated]


Want something a bit more special this holiday season for you and your friends? Nab a reservation at one of these choice private dining rooms in San Francisco. Clink, clink.

1300 on Fillmore

Capacity: 22

The jazz inspired spot in the Fillmore has a high-ceilinged private dining room separated from the main dining area by soundproof sliding glass doors, a mirrored wall, and its own volume and temperature controls. // 1300 Fillmore (Nopa), 1300fillmore.com

AbsintheCourtesy of Absinthe


Capacity: 45

The upscale Hayes Valley mainstay has a private dining space with a separate entrance, its own bar, coat room, and restrooms. Decorated similarly to the main restaurant with dark wood, paintings, and old-school charm, the menu offers French fare and a raw bar. // 398 Hayes (Hayes Valley), absinthe.com


Capacity: 14, 25

The cleanly decorated Mission gastropub dedicated to simple and delicious food and drinks allows you to rent out their mezzanine for dinner or cocktail tastings. // 3174 16th Street (Mission), abvsf.com

Alexander's Steakhouse, The Boardroom

Capacity: 18, 25

The smallest of the private rooms available, The Boardroom features exposed brick walls, a flatscreen TV, and Japanese screen doors that can be closed for separation from the main dining room. // 448 Brannan (SoMa), alexanderssteakhouse.com/sanfrancisco

Alexander's Steakhouse, The Mezzanine

Capacity: 18, 30

Overlooking the restaurant from the second floor, the Mezzanine can be closed off from main room with heavy curtains and screens. // 448 Brannan (SoMa), alexanderssteakhouse.com/sanfrancisco

The Wine Library at Alexander's Steakhouse. (Kingmond Young)

Alexander's Steakhouse, The Wine Library

Capacity: 40, 70

With its own sound system and bar, this room on the lower level of the restaurant features, as one might guess from the name, floor-to-ceiling displays of their wine. // 448 Brannan (SoMa), alexanderssteakhouse.com/sanfrancisco


Capacity: 40

The private downstairs dining room of Beretta is available for parties with sconces, exposed brick, and dark wood wainscoting giving the place a warmly upscale feel for any event. // 1199 Valencia Street (Mission), berettasf.com


Capacity: 32, 40

The Boudin space on the wharf with their museum and glass showroom bakery also has a private dining room with a tiled fireplace and view of the bay. // 160 Jefferson (Fisherman's Wharf), boudinbakery.com/at-the-wharf

Boulevard, L'Avenue

Capacity: 64

In the lower level of the restaurant, this private dining room on the lower floor has art inspired by the chef's original restaurant (of the same name as this room). // 1 Mission (Embarcadero), boulevardrestaurant.com

Boulevard Wine VaultCourtesy of Boulevard

Boulevard, Wine Vault

Capacity: 14

Like something you'd expect in Napa or Tuscany, the Wine Vault is an intimate setting with a curved stone roof and Boulevard's wine selection lining the walls. // 1 Mission (Embarcadero), boulevardrestaurant.com

Central Kitchen

Capacity: 32, 45

The upstairs area of Central Kitchen bears an industrial motif, with windows overlooking 20th St and can host either dinners or cocktail events. // 3000 20th Street (Mission), centralkitchensf.com

Churchill's The Office

Capacity: 120

Set above the original Duboce Triangle bar, The Office is the unattached, private upstairs bar with a shuffleboard table, floor-to-ceiling picture of a beach at sunset, three TVs, and comfy, brown leather chairs to relax in. // 194 Church (Duboce Triangle), theoffice-sf.com

Overhead of The Garden at Del PopoloCourtesy of Eric Wolfinger and Del Popolo

Del Popolo

Capacity: 32, 45

The newly completed Garden at Del Popolo offers a gorgeous outdoor space adjacent to the restaurant designed specifically for private events. In good weather, the dining is al fresco, but if conditions warrant, socializing and dining can take place in a walled and pre-heated tent. // 855 Bush (TenderNob), delpopolosf.com

Dirty Habit, Rickhouse Room

Capacity: 12

Available as a boardroom during the day, this private room adjacent to the restaurant also can host dinners, provided you like leather office seats. // 12 4th Street (SoMa), dirtyhabitsf.com

E & O Asian Kitchen, Pearl Room

Capacity: 14

A carved wooden door separates this blue and green private room from the restaurant with a long wooden table and TV with an A/V hookup. // 314 Sutter (Union Square), eosanfrancisco.com

Cinnabar Room at E & O Asian KitchenCourtesy of E & O Asian Kitchen

E & O Asian Kitchen, Cinnabar Room

Capacity: 54, 80

Below the actual restaurant, this space named for its red decor has a 60' flatscreen and its own private bar perfect for any party. // 314 Sutter (Union Square), eosanfrancisco.com

EPIC Roasthouse

Capacity: 70, 120

Situated above the restaurant, the Bay Room at EPIC boasts floor to ceiling windows and its own mezzanine with views of the bay, plus a devoted kitchen and chef for any events. // 369 The Embarcadero (Embarcadero), epicsteak.com

Farallon, Beluga Room

Capacity: 96

Decorated like a luxury, old-fashioned ocean-liner's ballroom, the Beluga room is the largest of the private rooms available at Farallon. // 450 Post #4 (TenderNob), farallonrestaurant.com

Farallon, Osetra Room

Capacity: 32

This room boasts views of Union Square through the 40ft windows, along with fanciful porthole paintings adorning the walls. // 450 Post #4 (TenderNob), farallonrestaurant.com

Farallon's Servuga RoomCourtesy of Farallon

Farallon, Sevruga Room

Capacity: 16

With a hand-blown glass aquarium, wine library, and candlelit fireplace, this is the cozy room is the smallest of the three available at Farallon. // 450 Post #4 (TenderNob), farallonrestaurant.com

Flour + Water's Dough Room

Capacity: 14

By day, it's the prep area for F+W, and by night this room transforms into an intimate dining experience that truly feels like you're having dinner in a (very skilled) friend's kitchen. // 2401 Harrison (Mission), flourandwater.com

Foreign Cinema, The Mezzanine

Capacity: 40, 50

Overlooking the main dining area, this semi-private mezzanine is adjacent to the projection room, perfect for pre-dinner cocktails. // 2534 Mission (Mission), foreigncinema.com

Modernism West GalleryCourtesy of Foreign Cinema

Foreign Cinema, Modernism West Gallery

Capacity: 60, 100

Foreign Cinema's own modern art gallery has 15' ceilings, rotating art, and its own surround system and full bar for private parties. // 2534 Mission (Mission), foreigncinema.com

Hakkasan, Jade Room

Capacity: 12

The main feature of this green, private dining room is the old-school large central table complete with lazy Susan for sharing meals with your guests. // 1 Kearny (Union Square), hakkasan.com

Hakkasan, Dragon Room

Capacity: 28, 40

The larger, semi-private dining room is separated from the main restaurant by a semi-see-through gold, metal-work screened wall and can host cocktail parties or dinners. // 1 Kearny (Union Square), hakkasan.com

Harris' Restaurant, The Board Room

Capacity: 12

This intimate room is set around a large circular table with a brass lamp chandelier and dark wood wainscoting. // 2100 Van Ness (Nob Hill), harrisrestaurant.com

Harris' Restaurant, The Library

Capacity: 20

Celebrate an event in this library complete with a fireplace and accompanying cowboy painting hanging over the mantle. // 2100 Van Ness (Nob Hill), harrisrestaurant.com

Harris' Restaurant, The Skylight Dining Room

Capacity: 72, 100

The largest of the dining rooms is adorned with the titular skylight and mahogany wainscoting, with a private bar, plus a podium and screen provided at no additional fee. // 2100 Van Ness (Nob Hill), harrisrestaurant.com

Jardinière, The Wine Room

Capacity: 15

Exposed brick walls, an oversized mirror, and mahogany wine racks surround with cozy private dining room. // 300 Grove (Hayes Valley), jardiniere.com

Jardinière, The Franklin Room

Capacity: 50, 75

Bordered by the restaurant's cheese cavern this private dining room with dark hardwood floors and exposed brick can be closed off to the main area via platinum colored drapes. // 300 Grove (Hayes Valley), jardiniere.com

Kuleto's Italian Restaurant, The Board Room

Capacity: 12

With an accompanying adjacent bar and reception area, this small room with huge mirrors and dark wood paneling is great for a small group. // 221 Powell (TenderNob), kuletos.com

Kuleto's Italian Restaurant, The Caruso Room

Capacity: 28, 40

Also adorned with mirrors and with an included bar and reception area, this is the middle-sized of the three private dining options. // 221 Powell (TenderNob), kuletos.com

Kuleto's Italian Restaurant, The Machiavelli Room

Capacity: 72, 100

With recessed ceilings and paintings adorning the walls with the usual Kuleto's decor, this menacingly named room is the largest of the private party options. // 221 Powell (TenderNob), kuletos.com

Patio a La MarCourtesy of La Mar

La Mar, Patio a La Mar

Capacity: 100, 150

The outdoor patio with waterfront views of Treasure Island and the bay is covered, heated, and available for private parties. // Pier 1.5 The Embarcadero (Embarcadero), lamarsf.com

Lolinda, Mezzanine Level

Capacity: 125

Overlooking the main restaurant, the mezzanine at Lolinda can be bought out for private events with its own bar and restrooms. // 2518 Mission (Mission), lolindasf.com

Lolinda, El Techo

Capacity: 80

One of the city's best rooftops with views of the Mission and city, its own bar, covered and heated areas is protected from the wind by translucent plastic walls and available for buyouts. // 2518 Mission (Mission), lolindasf.com


Capacity: 16

This room decorated with hanging metal spheres and separated from the main dining area by a sheer curtain can do private tastings and specialized menus. // 888 Howard (SoMa), lucewinerestaurant.com

The Patio at MarloweCourtesy of Marlowe


Capacity: 16

The outdoor patio at Marlowe is available for private parties, with a living wall and hanging succulents, hanging outdoor lights, and, most importantly, protection from the weather, it's perfect for smaller parties. // 500 Brannan (SoMa), marlowesf.com

McCormick & Kuletos, Alcatraz Room

Capacity: 60

On the highest floor of the restaurant, this room features wood paneling and tortoiseshell lamps, and is adjacent to the Fiesta Deck, that can be used as an additional cocktail/seating area. // 900 North Point (Fisherman's Wharf), mccormickandschmicks.com

McCormick & Kuletos, Dolphin Room

Capacity: 60, 100

With its own separate entrance through the room's private patio area, this private dining room has mosaic-tiled columns and views of Beach Street. // 900 North Point (Fisherman's Wharf), mccormickandschmicks.com

McCormick & Kuletos, Bayview Room

Capacity: 90, 100

This mahogany walled private dining room features a gorgeous view of the bay through expansive windows and has its own bar. // 900 North Point (Fisherman's Wharf), mccormickandschmicks.com

McCormick & Kuletos, The Captain's Room

Capacity: 120, 125

This room has more views of the bay through large windows that won't be missed by any diners thanks to strategically placed mirrors at the back of the room. // 900 North Point (Fisherman's Wharf), mccormickandschmicks.com

One Market Private Dining RoomCourtesy of One Market

One Market, The Club Room

Capacity: 40, 60

Off the main dining area, this private room with cherry wood trim and upholstered chairs can be closed off with opaque-glass paneled doors. // 1 Market (Embarcadero), onemarket.com

One Market, The Atrium Room

Capacity: 40, 60

A retractable wall of glass paneled doors separates this private dining area from the Cesar Pelli Pavilion, allowing in natural light during daytime events. // 1 Market (Embarcadero), onemarket.com

Original Joe's, Salesian Room

Capacity: 30, 40

In the back of the restaurant, this room lines with tufted green vinyl walls also features a vintage Joe's sign, still bearing scars from the fire that took the first location. // 601 Union (North Beach), originaljoessf.com

Original Joe's, Tony Bennett Room

Capacity: 30, 40

Watched over by art deco mermaids swimming on walls of aqua tiles, this room named after another SF mainstay has a window gazing out onto Washington Square Park. // 601 Union (North Beach), originaljoessf.com

Pabu Private Dining AreaCourtesy of Pabu

Pabu, Oniichan & Otouto Combined Rooms

Capacity: 22, 25

Available for dinners or cocktail affairs, this back private dining room decorated with traditional Japanese-style paper walls and artwork is separated from the main restaurant by sliding paper doors. // 101 California (Financial District), michaelmina.net

Palio d'Asti, 6 Enoteca della Douja

Capacity: 40

This room with a 200 square feet mural of the Palio and exposed concrete walls functions as a private bar and restaurant for parties during the evening. // 640 Sacramento (Financial District), paliodasti.com

Palio d'Asti, San Pietro Room

Capacity: 50

Decorated to look much like the main dining room with Italian stone-like elements, this room also has floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the alley and a small private patio. // 640 Sacramento (Financial District), paliodasti.com

The Eden RoomCourtesy of Park Tavern's

Park Tavern's Eden Room

Capacity: 50, 80

Situated on the mezzanine overlooking the popular North Beach restaurant, this 900-square-foot area can accommodate cocktail parties or seated dinners with complete A/V capabilities. Park Tavern's dedicated private dining space was recently redone with lacquered baby blue walls, a beautiful brass bar, and a gallery wall of found vintage artwork. // 1652 Stockton (North Beach), parktavernsf.com

Perbacco Ristorante & Bar, Barolo

Capacity: 18, 25

This smaller private dining area has views of the kitchen and the temperature-controlled wine cellar. // 230 California (Financial District), perbaccosf.com

Perbacco Ristorante & Bar, Barbaresco

Capacity: 40, 70

Able to be separated from the main restaurant by heavy curtains, this semi-private dining room is located on the mezzanine level. // 230 California (Financial District), perbaccosf.com

Prospect, The Candace Room

Capacity: 50, 65

Named after the whaling ship excavated in the construction of the towers, the Candace has floor-to-ceiling windows and walls lined with brown velvet, plus its own private bar and reception area. // 300 Spear (Embarcadero), prospectsf.com

Roka Akor, Shisetsu

Capacity: 16

Separated from the main dining room by glass walls with a view of the central robata grill, the Shisetsu area has A/V hookup for use with their 6' projection screen. // 801 Montgomery (Jackson Square), rokaakor.com/san-francisco

Scala's Renaissance RoomCourtesy of Scala's Bistro

Scala's Bistro, Renaissance Room

Capacity: 60

With art deco chandeliers and a sepia mural depicting a busy restaurant, this private dining room offers customizable menus for your group experience. // 432 Powell (Union Square), scalasbistro.com

Scala's Bistro, Wine Salon

Capacity: 30

Wine racks line the wall of this French cellar, where a metal ceiling and old-school European posters, perfect for a classier event. // 432 Powell (Union Square), scalasbistro.com


Capacity: 12

Set apart from the main dining hall by a sheer curtain, the semi-private dining room has three German murals and antique lamps and rosewood walls that really bring home the German beer hall feel. 240 Front (Financial District), schroederssf.com


Capacity: 14, 20, 40

Choose from the menu of the day or have chef Mark Sullivan prepare a custom menu for your special occasion. This Michelin-starred restaurant of note features three rooms— the Library seats up to 20 guests, the Shiraga, up to 14 guests, and the Laurel room, up to 40. // 3640 Sacramento (Presidio Heights), sprucesf.com

Town Hall

Capacity: 40, 80

This upstairs dining room in the back of the restaurant has large windows overlooking the street, exposed brick, cream wainscoting, modern art adorning the walls, and a reception area. // 342 Howard (SoMa), townhallsf.com

Tosca Cafe

Capacity: 20, 35

The backroom at Tosca is legendary. (Read more about it here.) You can also score a spot in the Chef's Lounge located upstairs above the kitchen. // 242 Columbus (North Beach), toscacafesf.com

Trou Normand, The Butcher's Room

Capacity: 12, 20

Situated in the center of the restaurant, this semi-private space looks onto the kitchen and features a custom walnut butcher's block for it's main dining table. // 140 New Montgomery (SoMa), trounormandsf.com

The Patio at Trou NormandCourtesy of Trou Normamd

Trou Normand, The Patio

Capacity: 52, 100+

Situated in the courtyard of 140 new Montgomery, with a steel and glass awning, this heated patio also has retractable canvas walls for all weather and a private bar that can be added upon request. // 140 New Montgomery (SoMa), trounormandsf.com

Twenty Five Lusk

Capacity: 35, 40

Located on the lower floor of this SOMA restaurant, this private dining area is closed off with sound-proof glass walls and features decor similar to the rest of space, with expose brick and wooden beams. It comes equipped with an LCD projector, a drop-down screen, Blu-ray DVD player, WiFi connectivity, and cable TV. // 25 Lusk (SoMa), 25lusk.com


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