The Clift Hosts a Private Preview of the New Rolling Stones Exhibit


On Thursday, July 10, the Clift hotel hosted an exclusive preview of “Beggars to Exiles: Unseen Photographs of the Rolling Stones, 1966-1971,” a new exhibit at the San Francisco Art Exchange. Guests enjoyed a sneak peek at previously unseen and rare portraits of the band and had the unique opportunity to meet Stones’ photographer Dominique Tarle and Medium actor Jake Weber.

Theron Kabrich, Sheila Ash

Dominique Tarle

Jake Weber, Dominique Tarle, Simon Mais

Theron Kabrich, Raj Prem

Elyssa Thorp, Simon Mais (CLIFT GM), Diana Rayzman

Jake Weber, Elizabeth Ryan

Pete Hancock, Megan Carpenter, Nish Nadaraja

Owen O'Toole, Catherine Taggert

Sara Lebeck, Jennifer Rogez

Kate Wence, Dina Marinelli, Amanda McDowell, Shima Motoyama

Mireille Schwartz, Joel Goodrich

Theron Kabrich, Jennifer Massoni, Jake Weber

Alexandra Gadzo, Jane Corrigan

Grant Curtis, Jacqueline Binder, Michael Hilal
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