The New Des Moines-Based Readymade: Thoughts?


The deluge of shuttered home magazines has many a shelter-buff reeling, so when we heard word that there was a shift up going down with Readymade we braced ourselves for the worst. While not strictly a shelter publication, Readymade offers lots of great DIY projects for around the house, usually features at least one drool-worthy home in each issue, and can always be counted on for some good inspiration. It turns out that Readymade didn't shut down (yay!) but they did move their entire operation from Berkeley to Des Moines in order to cut costs, and lost pretty much all of their staff in the process (hmm). Well, the first issue post-move is out now and we gotta say, so far so good. There's still a surprising number of Bay-Area stories, and in our opinion the projects and photos are just as inspirational as before. The loss of a locally-based business is still a hard pill to swallow, though. We'd like to hear your opinion. Have you read the new Readymade? What do you think of it?

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