The Top 7x7 Posts in 2013


For the Bay Area, 2013 was not a year to forget. Our double decker connection to the East Bay got a makeover as well as a photo-worthy light installation. Director Ryan Coogler brought the truly tragic story of Oscar Grant to the big screen in Fruitvale Station, which spread awareness of the young father’s death in Oakland. MTV filmed the rumored last season of The Real World in SF. The Supreme Court ruled down DOMA and Prop 8 just in time for Pride 2013, making it a celebration to remember.

To bid farewell to 2013 and ring in the New Year with open arms, we’ve rounded up your favorite posts from the last year, the stories you read and shared most.

1. 5 of San Francisco's Most Underrated Restaurants

2. SF's Best Kale Salads

3. Seven Top Sushi Spots Around San Francisco

4. This House Cray: 2724 Pacific

5. How Would the 'Full House' Family Live in San Francisco Today?

6. Five Bike Routes Every San Francisco Rider Should Know

7. How to Have Fun at the Club, In Five Easy Steps

8. Mosaic Makes Investing in Solar Energy Possible With as Little as $25 

9. Bay Area Spots Perfect for a Spring Picnic

10. Escape from SF: The Tamarancho Flow Trail

11. 50 Things to Do in Tahoe This Summer

12. The East Bay Answers to Your San Francisco Rut

13. Five Easy Winery Road Trips to Escape SF's Summer Fog

14. Mavericks 2013: What Watchers Need to Know

15. She Set Her Heart On San Francisco

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