These made-in-Oakland sweatpants are the coziest ever


F-it, we're in love and don't care who knows it!

OK, that's actually the name of what could be the coziest sweatpants ever, but we are actually in love. At first glance Ollivv's F-it sweatpants look like your typical boyfriend-style joggers, but they are so much more. The star of the show is the fabric. It's been described to feel like being in a cloud. Yes. It's that serious.

The attention to detail is ridiculous. Aside from the fabric, these sweats fit loose fit above the ankle, and the elastic is much thinner than the waist, which makes them extra conformable. The perfectly ruched waistband and brand's signature gold-bar are a result of the founder's love for streetwear.

"I feel like I spent more time and money designing these sweats than my college education," says Ollivv founder Andie Schukler. "I owned about 10 pair of sweats that I loved for different reasons, so I really wanted to figure out a way to bring all of them together. It was much harder to do than I thought."

The clothing brand is manufactured in Oakland, and it's what you'd get if Thrasher magazine and Victoria Beckham had a streetwear baby. Every single detail, down to the silky Ollivv packaging, has been thought about and diligently executed with fabric selection being the numbe- one priority. Ollivv has the same kind of raw energy that skateboarding brands had in the early '90s, but without the obnoxious logo everywhere. Hence the beautiful gold-bar on all the products.

The founder's dream for the brand is that women feel driven to follow their hearts, unapologetically and that Ollivv be what they wear during their grind.



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