This House Cray: 660 Goodhill Road, Kentfield, CA


Asking price: $9,775,000

Year built: 2002

Number of bedrooms: Four

Number of bathrooms: Six

Acreage: 2.1

Perched high atop Mount Tam and close to the sun's warming rays, this Marin palace is just waiting to help you become the bronze god you were always meant to be. The whole deal seems to welcome maximum sunshine, thanks to the home's soaring ceilings, massive windows, sweeping verandas, and gorgeously manicured grounds begging to be picnicked upon. Throw a towel down anywhere and you'll be able to get a tan. And once you need to cool down, you can just take a walk down to Phoenix Lake and dive in (try not to hit your head).

Of course, you also have the option of swimming in your own private pool, and enjoying your own spa (time to cancel that spa membership!). And if you find friends willing to make the winding drive up, tell them to put their grilling hats on, because this house also sports an outdoor fireplace and BBQ. They won't have to worry about finding a designated driver, either–your friends can crash in you new home's flashy guesthouse (it has disappearing walls).

The flip side of this shiny, shiny coin is that on Marin's signature foggy days, you will feel like you live in a cloud–which has it's own charms, I suppose.

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