Top Seven Hair Trends Explained by The Red Chair Salon


Ever walk around SF and wonder, "How does everyone else's hair always manage to look so good?" Yeah, us too. Luckily we caught up with Kristin Maddox, owner of Union Street's Red Chair Salon to get our seven San Francisco hair questioned answered. Brazilian blowout, here we come...

1. Are their certain wedding-day styles that hold up better than others?
That all depends on your hair type and wedding location! Brides getting married outdoors, with possible wind and fog, will need different things than those planning an indoor affair. Working with your stylist beforehand and doing a trial (or four!) will help ensure your hair looks fabulous from start to finish on your big day. 
Kristin's Stylist Pick: Stefani Fletcher

2. What's the secret to a perfect men's haircut?
Consultation is key! Men generally want different things than female clients - is he interested in longevity or versatility? How much time is he willing to spend on his hair in the morning? Our city is full of fabulously groomed men, and with proper communication any guy can count themselves as one too.
Kristin's Stylist Pick: Heather DeFranco

3. What is Balayage and why do I want it?
Balayage is a French technique of hair highlighting where color is gently swept on the surface of the hair. The end result is a natural light shimmering effect. Given SF's lack of sun it's a great way to look naturally soft and sun kissed. 
Kristin's Stylist Pick: Matthew G.

4. What are some simple ways I can change my look without breaking the bank?
A few bright highlights around your face can make a huge difference, as will cutting bangs. If you're afraid to do anything permanent, curling your hair with a large curling iron will gives you soft texture if you usually wear your hair down. And trade in boring ponytail for a milk maid braid, or a big ballerina bun - you stylist can show you how!
Kristin's Stylist Pick: Whitney Warfield

5. Why are professional blow-outs so popular? Will it make a big difference than if I do it myself?
Blowouts are so hot because they make you feel like a million bucks; plain and simple! Salons have access to top of the line tools, brushes and products, not to mention, your stylist and reach all the angles you can't and ensure your hair is thoroughly dry from root to end. Stylist Secret: Be sure to end with a cool shot to your locks - this will seal the cuticle and eliminate frizz.

6. What's new with hair extensions?
You no longer have to sit in a salon chair and doll out thousands of dollars to have fantastic hair extensions. Tape Extensions last 3 months and can be put in your hair during your lunch break! These are perfect for anyone looking to enhance the length or anyone who just wants more body in their hair!

7. Who is the right candidate for a Brazilian Blowout? How long does it last and what re the effects? Can Brazilian Blow-outs damage my hair?
The right candidate for the Brazilian Blowout is anyone that has struggled with frizz or unwanted curl in their hair. The Brazilian Blowout last 2-4 months and creates long lasting shine, eliminates frizz and reduces the curl that you may have, even on the foggiest days. The Brazilian Blowout will not damage your hair when done correctly, it will actually improve the health and condition of the hair.

The Red Chair Salon is a high end, full service hair salon, specializing in innovative color techniques, cutting styles and specialty services including Brazilian Blowouts, extensions and wedding services. Their talented stylists are the best in the business, with strong educational foundations and continuing professional development courses.

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