UnderCover Music Project Gets 100 Local Musicians to Perform & Record The Pixies' "Doolittle"


A cool new music project that involves over 100 Bay Area musicians has been gathering steam lately. A few months ago, some 40 local music artists (including Liz Phair and Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind) got together at Coda Jazz Supper Club to completely transform the classic album The Velvet Underground & Nico.

The idea was hatched by a group of organizers called UnderCover, who plan to stage these musical endeavours quarterly. The latest album they plan to sink their claws into? The Pixies' Doolittle. Genius? Yes. Risky? Yep. But we have a feeling they'll pull it off, because this time, they've enlisted over 100 local musicians from more than 15 bands to rip apart the album, then put it back together. To be performed in sequence over two days at Public Works from February 22nd to 23rd, it's going to be one heck of a Pixies resurrection.

Conspiracy of Venus is taking on "Monkey Gone to Heaven", the Japonize Elephants is going to be banging out "Crackity Jones".....and the list goes on. They'll show band interviews and select clips from Michael Hulsey's documentary on the project, UnderCover Presents: PIXIES' Doolittle, throughout the performance, and costumes (flannel, ripped jeans, etc.) are highly encouraged.

Get tickets here!

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