What Are You Working On? With Carlton Evans


7x7 checks in with a member of the local film scene and takes their temperature. This week, we chat with film producer and Disposable Film Fest founder Carlton Evans. 

What do you do, how old are you, and where do you live in the Bay Area?

I'm a film producer and I run the Disposable Film Festival. I don't want to think about how old I am but I've been in the Bay Area for over 18 years, so that should give you an idea. 

Where in the Bay do you live now?

I live near Dolores Park. 

What did you do before you worked in film?

I was an academic. I did my PhD in art history and was teaching in Bay Area universities.

So… what are you working on?

Getting ready for DFF2014 which will run March 20-23, 2014. In addition to opening night at the Castro, we're going to be screening work from partner festivals in Paris and Seoul as well as other international capitals. 

I'm working on a number of films right now but I'm especially excited about Vanessa Hope's documentary on China/US relations, All Eyes and Ears. It's a completely fresh look at the subject, from the perspective of Gracie Mei Huntsman, the adopted Chinese daughter of the former US ambassador to China. 

What do you like best about working in San Francisco and the Bay Area?

After all of these years living here and all the changes that the city has gone through in that time, I find my love affair with San Francisco continues. I love people's openness to new ideas and collaborative spirit. 

Is there anyone you want to say hello to?

Hi mom!

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