What to Wear to Off the Grid

What to Wear to Off the Grid


You may think of San Francisco's Off The Grid as just a place to get moderately priced gourmet eats, but it can be much more. If you are keen on seeing and being seen, make sure not to ditch the fashion at this City event. Here are some pieces for every man and woman looking to make an impression while waiting in line for crème brulee.


1. Cadiz Top, $58

This graphic top is sure to catch the right kind of attention. The classic white and black pattern is highlighted by the face-framing red design at the neck. P.S., wearing a pattern is key in the event you need to camouflage the drippings from your Korean BBQ.

2. High Rise Legging by Joe's Jeans, $165

You can never go wrong with skinny jeans for an SF event, but these jeans in particular are great because of their figure-flattering high waist and on trend washed grey color. Stay cool, or warm as the case may be, in these skinnies!

3. The Leisure Parka, $348

As goes with the City-by-the-Bay, one minute you’re warm and the next you’re freezing, so layering a jacket over your ensemble is pertinent. A casual fatigue jacket is always a good pick because it looks stylish and approachable, which of course is the goal of any Off The Grid look.

4. Rag & Bone "Dalton," $525

When thinking boots, go with Rag & Bone. Comfort and style merge in these black leather booties with their modest heel height—a necessity in the city—and badass metal details. The padded foot bed will come in handy when standing in the never ending line for a lobsta roll. 


5. 511 Slim Fit Levi's, $55

Guys, it’s all in the Levi’s. I’ve yet to meet a man, woman, or child who does not agree that a dude needs a great pair of Levi jeans. That being said, these are some of my favorites. The slim fit and Anthracite color looks cool and comfy. Be warned fellas, the mom jean may have come back in women's fashion, but the dad jean never will. Ever.

6. Brackton Leather Bomber Jacket, $650

Perfect for the jeans and t-shirt guy, this Nubuck leather jacket adds sophistication to the most basic of outfits. The cinched hemline and sleeves add a casual element to this gorgeous bomber. Do be careful though, a drip of bacon fat from your pork belly sandwich could really put you in a pickle.

7. No Bad Vibes Tee, $36 

Sometime you just have to ask for what you want, and this “No Bad Vibes” t-shirt does just that. A simple cotton tee always wins the race for comfort, but the soothing graphic and to-the-point text of this shirt adds a funky element to your look.

8. Vans Authentic, $43

No, these shoes won’t convey that you are the city’s most fashion forward bachelor, but they are darn comfortable and pretty cool and you get some points for that. A classic Vans Authentic sneaker rounds out your laid back look, and will be a much appreciated choice while walking, waiting, and standing. 

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