Where To Find Tasty "Queso" Dip In San Francisco


More monster truck rally than quinceañera, cheese dips are a perfect example of gringo comfort food. Come on, no authentic Mexican dish involves the lowbrow/high-flavor art of melting cubes of cheese with a jar of salsa. So when we have a hankering for something richer than chips and pico de gallo, we look toward San Francisco eateries to help us out. For example:

Velvet Cantina's Chili Con Queso

This dip is made and presented just the way we like it: in a bowl, blended, and gooey. A blend of cheddar and jack cheeses are mixed with tomatoes and roasted chili, served with a side of housemade tortilla chips. Order two. These go fast if you're sharing. 3349 23rd St.

West of Pecos' Queso & Chips

This cheese dip comes with chorizo. Added bonus: the chips are seasoned. 550 Valencia

San Jalisco's Queso Fundido

Monterey jack is combined with pico de gallo, copales, and mushrooms and served with house-made corn chips. You can also order the Choriqueso, which is combined with jack cheese and chorizo, served with flour tortilla chips. Get both. 901 South Van Ness Ave

Tres' Queso Fundido

No need to fill up on those tiny tubs of nacho cheese at the ballpark. Instead, head over to Tres before the game to load up on chorizo rojo con papas, chile anaheim, roasted corn, and topped with cheese. Nice and stringy with caramelized cheese on the edge of the bowl. 130 Townsend

Nopalito's Queso Flameado con Chorizo y Rajas 

Flamed Oaxacan and jack cheese, red chorizo, pasilla chiles, onions, and tortilla chips. 306 Broderick & 1224 9th Ave


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