Your New Apartment Is a One-Tap App Away

Your New Apartment Is a One-Tap App Away


Originally published on California Home + Design

Having recently signed the dotted line on an apartment lease after four months of searching, subletting, and couch-surfing, I feel like I’ve been around the block (not to mention the city) a few times when it comes to the unrelenting San Francisco house hunt.

Now, apartment-finding app Lovely has unveiled a one-tap solution called Apply with Lovely that will streamline the application process with minimal paperwork. The app update, created in partnership with Experian, rolled out last week and is available to apartment hunters nationwide.

Both the mobile and desktop versions of Lovely have been a handy tool to help apartment hunters locate available units via specific search filters and start a dialogue with property managers. Apply with Lovely is the most recent mobile update that allows users to apply to their desired property immediately after they view it with a credit report sent right in tow.

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