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Editors' Picks: Penny Farthing Guy, Trivia Crack, & More

What the 7x7 editors were thinking about this week when they should have been at work. 

Neighborhood Guide: What to Do in Chinatown

There's big changes in little Chinatown. The kitschy Empress of China gave up the guǐ while a pair of high profile projects — China Live and Mister Jiu — loom on the horizon. In the meantime, Chinatown remains the city’s most atmospheric neighborhood with murals to rival the Mission's and bustling markets to fuel your Fuchsia Dunlop cookbooks.

5 Topics Everyone Will Be Discussing Over Brunch

A New Zealand opera trio more popular than Lorde and more conversation starters for brunch. 

Feline Seeking Human: Scrumptious Muffin


Welcome to the Kitty Personals, where eager furry friends put their hearts on the line while they seek their perfect human match. Each month, we'll spotlight a highly adoptable dog or cat that is currently available at the San Francisco SPCA. Read their stories, fall in love, and go adopt! Today, feast your eyes on this little sweetie, Muffin.

Q&A with SF Filmmaker Jennifer Phang

Hailed by organizers as a “Best Bet” for the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, sci-fi stunner Advantageous may just be the festival’s most uncommon example of art imitating life. Born in Berkeley to Chinese-Malaysian and Vietnamese parents, San Francisco filmmaker Jennifer Phang’s much-anticipated feature explores extreme sacrifices made by parents for their children, albeit set in a haunting dystopia 25 years in the future.

1,000-Foot Slip 'N' Slide Coming to SF This Summer

This summer, Slide the City will bring utter merriment to the streets of Oakland and San Francisco. A brightly colored vinyl waterslide will be open to Bay Area fun-lovers; but don’t be mistaken, this is not a slide-and-leave event. This will also be a full-blown party replete with live music and food that is sure to get you in the spirit of (a presumably foggy) summer. 

We Wanna Be Friends With Benefit Sisters Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson

In 1976, twins from Indiana, Jane and Jean Ford, flipped a coin: Heads they would open up a casserole cafe, tails they open up a makeup shop. That coin toss paved the path for San Francisco's Benefit Cosmetics, now raking in $500 million a year. 

3 New Books to Pick Up This Week

If one of your goals is to have a cleaner, more organized, and less cluttered home (and if it isn't, then you should probably write a book of your own), consider dropping a very worthwhile $15 on Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Find Your Purr-fect Match at the SF SPCA's 4th Annual "Be Mine" Event

SF SPCA Valentine's Day Event

Looking for a special someone for Valentine's Day cuddles? If you like the idea of finding a life-long companion while you enjoy cocktails, a catwalk, and tattoos, put this party on your event calendar! You're officially invited to San Francisco SPCA's 4th Annual "Be Mine" party and adopt-a-thon. This year's bash, Cats, Tats & Cocktails, will treat guests to a fashion show, (real!) tattoo pop-up shop, hosted cocktail bar, and delicious vegan/vegetarian bites, all while meeting the SF SPCA's adorably adoptable animals.

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