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Art in the Streets: October 24th at The NWBLK

illy Art in the Streets

San Francisco was built by artists. Sure, LA's no slouch, and NYC has style to spare, but SF is the heart of free-wheeling artistic expression and creative experimentation. We make music, write plays, direct films, dance in the streets—all on a tiny, seven-mile by seven-mile fog-shrouded peninsula at the edge of the Western world. SF invented American café culture—we just called them coffee houses.

Neighborhood Guide: What to Do in Dogpatch

Located on the waterfront and once home to large warehouses, canning factories, industrial buildings, shipyards, and wild fennel fields, Dogpatch has turned into a hub of local makers, artists, designers, and entrepreneurs. Just hop on the T-Third to enjoy the assorted retail shop and restaurants, or simply enojy soaking up some sun on the waterfront. 

Grown-Up Lessons from YA Novels: The Giver

7x7 interns create hipster book reports for your life-improvement pleasure.

7 Lesser-Known Movies Filmed in San Francisco

From San Francisco classic Bullitt to the depiction of a 1970s Castro district in Milk, seeing a movie that takes place in San Francisco really makes us burst with City pride. Here are 7 San Francisco-based movies you might not have heard of yet, but are sure to make you love SF even more. 

This Week In Live Music: Nas, Charli XCX, & Perfume Genius

After the Treasure Island Music Festival has—at last—come to an end, we at least have a the following primo gigs to look forward to. 

5 Topics Everyone Will Be Discussing Over Brunch

Topics that are sure to go great with your mimosa.

Marc Benioff Ruined Our Commute, But We Love Him Anyway + Bruno Mars!

Not since the Donald took over New York society in the roaring eighties has one man come to dominate a city's life the way Marc Benioff is leaving his mark on San Francisco.

Loma Prieta Earthquake 25 Years Later, & Prepping for the Next One

The 1989 World Series matchup could not have been more ominous. The Oakland Athletics versus the San Francisco Giants. All eyes were on the Bay Area. Minutes before Game 3 of the series aired on ABC, on October 17 at 5:04 p.m., it struck. You could hear sportscaster Al Michaels shout, "I'll tell you what — we're having an earth—" just moments before the signal began to break. Viewers around the world tuning in caught the first moments of the 6.9 tremor that changed the Bay Area forever. 

2014 Hot 20: Leila Janah, the Equalizer

Founder and CEO, Sama Group / age 32

Weekend Guide: America's Great 'Hood, Chuck Palahniuk, House Tours, & More

From a breakdancing competition to dinner in America's greatest 'hood, you have a busy weekend ahead of you. 

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