Five Tahoe Cocktails to Beat the Heat


Ice cold beer and chilled white wine do the trick in a pinch, but if you want something extra refreshing after being out in the Tahoe sun, you want a cocktail – preferably something with some lime or crisp pineapple on top. Several restaurants in the Lake Tahoe area offer up what could be called Tahoe's One Hit Wonders: You only need one to knock you back into the lake.

Wet Woody (Gar Woods, Carnelian Bay)
This drink is so popular it has its own website. The frozen rum drink with its signature umbrella is named after the classic wooden boats that cruise Tahoe's blue water. Gar Woods claims that over two million have been sold. You can customize your Wet Woody with stiffer, harder, or more expensive rums to match your mood. When it's five o'clock somewhere, sit down and get the basic Wet Woody, which sells for $11.

ChupaCabra (Caliente, Kings Beach)
A partner of the Wet Woody, the ChupaCabra is a blended tequila drink that's available in 16 ounces or 25 ounces. The grande version of this drink might make you actually see the legendary goat-sucking creature…wearing a sombrero. The ChupaCabra is only $5.25 every Thursday night, all night during the summer.

Chambers Punch (Chambers Landing, Tahoma)
Chambers Landing in Tahoma has some amazing views of the lake and the bar is close to the water, so you can visit by boat and dock at the pier. The notorious Chambers Punch is a three-rum slushy that may knock you on your butt. Don't drink and boat after this summer drink. The Chambers Punch costs $9.

The French Margarita aka "The Frenchy" (Cottonwood, Truckee)
"One and done" is the phrase associated with this tall glass of powerful goodness. The Frenchy at the Cottonwood which overlooks Truckee contains silver tequila, lime juice, cointreau and orange juice with a Grand Marnier float. It costs $8.

Clay Pot (Casa Baeza, Truckee)
This drink at the Casa Baeza in Truckee is a switch-up on the classic margarita. It comes in a clay pot, so it feels like you should be sucking up some altiplano tea, but instead you get a powerful hit of tequila. The Clay Pot is $10.

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