Banish Food and Other Allergies With These Nifty Apps

Banish Food and Other Allergies With These Nifty Apps


Sneezing, sniffling, wheezing—so annoying, right? Thankfully, modern technology has brought us a few clever apps, designed to help minimize the likelihood of allergy attacks, which allow us to navigate the city and keep breathing easy. Whether you have respiratory issues or food intolerances, download these apps pronto.

Plume Labs

If you love spending time outdoors (and in this city, who doesn’t?), Plume Labs is a perfect resource to have on hand. With real-time pollution forecasts, peak pollution hours, and recommended times as to when it's safest to go outside, this app is especially valuable for those susceptible to asthma and for whom smoggy air can be a trigger. Download this one and (literally) breathe easy. // Download here. 


The premise of this app is simple, but so useful. In short, it provides ingredient substitutions for all types of allergies and eating preferences, and is designed to supply the perfect alternative for foodsto be avoided. Its recommendations are especially useful for those who use recipes to cook and need to find another option for an allergy-causing ingredient. // Download here. 

Sinus Ally

For the sniffles and sneezes, Sinus Ally provides a daily forecast that monitors allergy triggers in your area (think dust and pollen) and helps you track your symptoms. You also have the option to connect with a healthcare provider via the app, a useful tool for coming up with the best strategies for managing your allergies for good. // Download here

Allergy Journal

Experiencing allergy symptoms, but can’t figure out the cause? Download Allergy Journal to investigate. The app functions as a way to record every food you eat, the symptoms you experience, what time they occur, and the severity of the symptoms. Then, you just connect the dots and ditch that allergy that no longer needs to be the bane of your existence. // Download here


Ipiit is a nifty little app that lets you scan barcodes of items at the store to quickly understand whether or not they’re safe to eat. While avoiding common allergens like peanuts and dairy is easier these days thanks to warnings thanks to warnings on the packaging, gluten, sweeteners, and other potential triggers often fly more under the radar. This app makes it quick and painless to know what's what. // Download here. 

Allergy Mate

New allergy treatments and forms of management are discovered constantly. If you, like most allergy-prone people, are baffled by your allergy and and want to learn more, this app includes not only a list of symptoms and potential triggers, but also the latest news and research that allows you to always stay on top of the most recent scientific advancements. // Download here

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