The Sweetest Donut Shops in the Bay Area
Hungry yet? (Courtesy of @donutsavant)

The Sweetest Donut Shops in the Bay Area


There may be no better accompaniment for your hot cup of morning joe than a good old fashioned donut. Cake, glazed, jelly-filled, cronuted, or otherwise—we don't discriminate.

Here are our picks for the very best donuts the Bay Area has to offer.

Dynamo Donut

With a shop in the Mission and a weekend kiosk the Marina, Dynamo Donut is true to its name—expect big flavor with each and every bite. Order the chocolate rose with lemon zest. // 2760 24th St. (Mission) and 110 Yacht Rd. (Marina),

Doughnut Dolly

Filled with delicious creams and jams, Doughnut Dolly's cheat-day treats range from Mexican chocolate to a mouthwatering malted-coffee-cream-filled fried pastry. And now with three Bay Area locations, you can satiate your upscale donut cravings on both sides of the Bay Bridge. // 482 B 49th St. (Oakland), 1313 9th St. (Berkeley), and 1355 Market St. (SoMa),

Donut Savant

Donut Savant fries tried-and-true recipes, but isn't afraid to break outside the donut box. Enjoy one of their classics, such as cinnamon, vanilla, and lemon, but also take your palate for a walk-about courtesy of a maple sea salt cronut. The buttermilk batter donut holes are also legit. // 1934 Broadway (Oakland),

Bob's Donuts

A mainstay and something of an icon, Bob's Donuts is as classic as it gets. Donuts are made in small batches from 8am till 1am. Feeling gutsy? Try the 5 Pound Challenge—if you can eat 'em all in three minutes, you'll be inducted into the hall of Bob's Champions, and your donuts will be free. // 1621 Polk St. (Nob Hill),

Fillmore Bakeshop

Nothing can quite beat the warmth of this family operated business, located on the cusp of Japantown. Specializing in the contemporary European-American style of baking, Fillmore Bakeshop marries sweet and savory in an utterly luscious cronut filled with a dollop of homemade vanilla creme. // 1890 Fillmore St. (Lower Pacific Heights),

Dream Fluff Donut Shop

Since opening all the way back in 1940, Dream Fluff Donut Shop has been frying and glazing some of the Bay Area's softest, most entrancing anytime treats. Going with a friend or loved one? Split the gargantuan apple fritter. // 2637 Ashby Ave. (Berkeley),

King Ping Donuts

Known for their Oreonut—two chocolate cake donuts sandwiching a layer of vanilla icing—King Pin Donuts is a Berkley staple, serving crowds of hangry patrons right up until 3am. More traditional offerings such as maple bars and donut holes round out the 21-flavor menu. Ask your donuteer about the specialty cake donut of the day. // 2521 Durant Ave. (Berkley),

Gonutz With Donuts

Since 2016, the East Bay has been going bats for Fremont's Gonutz With Donuts, where outside the norm cravings are rewarded with the over-the-top Mer-mazing and Nutella donuts. Feeling sassy? Pucker up to a unicorn or panda bear decorated treat. // 41093 Fremont Blvd. Suite #102 (Fremont),

Psycho Donuts

You'd have to be crazy not to go a bit insane for Psycho Donuts' deep-fried oddballs such as the Kooky Monster—a plain glazed donut topped with crushed Oreos and a drizzle of blue icing—and The Dirty Turtle—like a cheesecake-stuffed donut with caramel sauce. You can also rent their edible Donut Wall for your next office shindig. // 2006 Winchester Blvd. (Campbell) and 2000 El Camino Real #11 (Santa Clara),

Pepples Donut Farm

With three Bay Area locations, Pepples is the rare baker to peddle exclusively organic treats. Their blueberry cake donuts, made without additives or food coloring, are a must, dotted with organic blueberries and blanketed with a naturally purpled powder sugar glaze. Want a coffee? Pepples' Oakland location will pour some into your own mug—no single-use waste here. // 6037 San Pablo Ave. (Oakland), 1 Ferry Building at Kiosk One (Embarcadero), and 1312 Gilman St. (Berkeley),

Mr Holmes Bakehouse

With its highly Instagrammable neon signage and tiled floor, Mr. Holmes entices pastry tourists daily who sink their teeth into the famous cruffins, filled with the likes if peanut butter honey or pink lemonade curd. Don't leave Holmes without a chocolate mousse donut in tow. // 1042 Larkin St. (TenderNob),

Vegan Gelato Donuts

No eggs, no milk, less sugar, but still delicious—Vegan Gelato Donut has managed to create the holy grail of baking. Take pleasure in their cinnamon delight butterfly donut (a twist on the cinnamon roll), but by all means, order one (or a dozen) of their classic jelly-filled offerings. One bite, and you'll never look at plant-based pastries the same way again. // 411 E. 18th St. (Oakland),

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