5 Funky Campsites Still Available for Memorial Day Weekend
Miss Daisy's Magical Wonderland (Courtesy of Hipcamp)

5 Funky Campsites Still Available for Memorial Day Weekend


Celebrate all things natural NorCal beauty this long weekend, courtesy of a Hipcamp getaway.

The three-day Memorial Day weekend has always been a busy one for camping—and for good reason: The end of May marks the beginning of what will soon be summer in California. Double check you have your bedding supplies and lace-up your favorite pair of hiking boots. Here are a few campsites that are still available this weekend around the Bay Area.

(Courtesy of Hipcamp)

First Generation Farmers Nonprofit Community Farm Camp

First Generation Farmers (FGF) is a fully operational nonprofit farm with a vibrant culture that makes it different from your traditional foray into camping. FGF hosts a community of WWOOFers—a motley crew of resident sustainable farmers—who are eager to strike up a conversation with you about the farm's more enchanting, lesser known characteristics. From the top of this Bay Area gem, you can see 35 of California's 58 counties on a clear day, and even spot Yosemite's iconic Half Dome. // $40 per night;1230 Delta Rd. (Brentwood), hipcamp.com

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Historic Hetch Hetchy Cabin at Reinstein Ranch

There's lots of history to witness at Reinstein Ranch. Fifth-generation rancher and host Christianna's family has owned the property since 1884; today it is home to more than 60 horses that hang out among its scenic rolling hills. Tent camping is still available for Friday and Sunday nights, but this historic cabin—which was brought by a horse-drawn wagon from Yosemite 100 years ago—is still available to book for the entire weekend. With somewhat spotty service, Reinstein Ranch is the perfect place to unplug and unwind for the weekend. // $130 per night; Carneal Road at Highland Road (Livermore), hipcamp.com

(Courtesy of Hipcamp)

Yurt Camping on an Urban Permaculture Farm

This yurt is different from most other offerings from Hipcamp; It's nestled in a large backyard just across the Bay Bridge in Oakland. Alas, it's not too wild—but it's just a 20 minute drive from San Francisco, making it a nice little escape for some last minute R&R. What's best: The yurt is only 15 minutes from Redwood Regional State Park, with lots of hiking and nature exploration to be done. // $85 per-night; off 39th Ave. (Oakland), hipcamp.com

(Courtesy of Hipcamp)

Tipi Camping at Miss Daisy's Magical Wonderland

Miss Daisy offers tipi glamping at its finest: a heated, outfitted tipi complete with an outdoor shower, well-stocked cooking area, meditation tent, fairy gardens, and even a brand-new hot tub. The property is also inhabited by miniature horses, goats, a cat, dog, chickens and ducks. Fifteen minutes from downtown Santa Rosa, the Wonderland is a laid-back retreat where you can rejuvenate over Memorial Day weekend. // $120 per-night; 790 Hurlbut Ave (Sebastopol), hipcamp.com

Safari Tent in Mendocino

Ever wanted to experience a night's sleep in a safari tent—but in lieu of the intrusive, dangerous wildlife scurrying around? Located in a 12-acre permaculture oasis home to the Real Goods Store and the Solar Living Institute, the large Barebones tent is permanently erected inside the property to appease the glamping masses. Sitting atop a level decking, the Mendo Oasis Tent has within its confines two twin foam mattresses and one small table, perfect for enjoying your morning coffee. Bring your sleeping bags and cooking gear, or use the outdoor kitchen. // $55 per night; off Redwood Highway and Highway 175 (Hopland), hipcamp.com

Check out our other listings, from the Bay and beyond, to plan your next outdoor odyssey!

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