Trump Threatens UC Berkeley, Silicon Valley Moves to Canada + More Local News

Trump Threatens UC Berkeley, Silicon Valley Moves to Canada + More Local News


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Can Trump Cut Off U.C. Berkeley?, New York Times

President Trump fired off a tweet early Thursday that sent chills through higher education circles in California.

The night before, violent protests had forced the University of California, Berkeley, to cancel an event featuring Milo Yiannopoulos, a right-wing figure and writer for Breitbart, the outlet once headed by the White House adviser Stephen K. Bannon.

"If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view - NO FEDERAL FUNDS?" Mr. Trump wrote.

As it stands, the president has no legal basis to cut off a university over a First Amendment dispute, said Donald E. Heller, the University of San Francisco provost and a professor of education. Read more.

Silicon Valley Is Making Plans to Move Foreign-Born Workers to Canada, TechCrunch

... At least one small group of cofounders has banded together to make it easier for U.S. companies to create subsidiaries in Canada and to move their U.S.-based employees to a new, Vancouver-based office, and all within what they describe as weeks, not months. They haven't created a nonprofit. They've instead formed a new company called True North that's right now offering a $6,000 package that includes airfare for one person to Vancouver, two nights of accommodations, and a day with "world-class immigration professionals who will walk you through the process and answer any questions you have."

The package is somewhat rich. For example, an employee could fly from the Bay Area to Vancouver, land accommodations, and talk with immigration attorneys for far less than what True North is charging. But the broader idea is interesting, and that's for employees to keep their current jobs with their current employers but to have the option to work via a wholly owned Canadian subsidiary that can provide them with protected status in the event that the U.S. changes its employment regulations. Read more.

From His Home in Russia, #Calexit Leader Plots California Secession, KQED

On paper, the leader of the California secession movement lives in an apartment complex near San Diego's Golden Hill neighborhood. But in reality, the Calexit campaign is being run by a 30-year-old who lives and works in a city on the edge of Siberia.

Louis Marinelli heads the secessionist group Yes California. Following the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, the organization has gone from an unknown fringe group to one discussed seriously in mainstream media. Read more.

Earth Day Picked as Date for Science March on Washington, CNN

Just like protesters who have taken to the streets and airports -- for the Women's March and against the travel ban -- scientists are planning their own march.

The group behind the March for Science in Washington just announced in a tweet that they will rally on April 22 -- Earth Day. Read more.

More Than 200,000 People Deleted the Uber App Leading to CEO's Departure From Trump's Economic Council, Jezebel

After Uber attempted to undermine the New York Taxi Workers Alliance's hour-long strike against Trump's Muslim ban, and the detainments at JFK, the public reacted with a swift boycott of the app.

Following the bad press, Lyft opportunistically announced they'd be donating $1 million to the ACLU, which is good, but Lyft has many of the same issues that Uber does—namely, investors and associates who have significant ties to Trump. One of the additional complaints lodged against Uber was that their CEO, Travis Kalanick, was serving on an business advisory council for Trump, the Strategic and Policy Forum. Read more.

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