DNA Lounge Suffocated By Legal Debacles


It has come to our attention that the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is threatening our beloved DNA Lounge with some legal troubles that, if successful, will shut it down permanently. Where will we go for our bimonthly Bootie parties or the grungy industrial evening of Meat? With the Grinch of nightclubs now upon us, the future is so uncertain.

Basically the background beef is this:

*DNA Lounge tried to convert their 21+ liquor license into an all ages full retaurant establishment in order to fully explore the live music scene.

*Their application is denied by The ABC for no apparent reason.

*DNA appeals and wins. The ABC then commence what appears to be a retaliation for their bold appeal by sending in undercover officers in on the gay and lesbian parties (Cream and Escandalo, since deceased) to get some dirt.

*Apparently Cream promoters charged different prices for men than women at entry, the cause for a "discrimination" filing. DNA is held responsible.

*Brief flashes of nudity undetected by DNA security is witnessed by some officers at Cream and Escandalo despite warnings and precautionary measures by DNA staff.

Basically this long and torturous legal battle really appears to be a strong arm from The ABC as a retaliation for appealing for their Type 47 all ages venue license.  Undercover agents, legal proceedings instead of fines (which is what legit strip clubs would receive with these kinds of violations) and claiming untrue facts. I don't know about you, but we're awful concerned not only about the health of DNA Lounge, but for the health of our consumer pockets. We're eyebrows deep in a terrible recession and our state budget has hit the crapper and this is what the state chooses to spend our income tax money on? Come on Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Reducing city revenue and depriving the general public of a law-abiding social outlet is not the solution to your problem . Drop the grudge. Waste your time and our money on something that isn't so near and dear to the hearts of thousands and thousands of San Franciscans.


To help the cause, learn more and donate to the legal defense fund please visit this website.

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