DOGMA Pet Poll Winner: See Who Repped Their 'Hood the Best!

DOGMA Pet Poll Winner: See Who Repped Their 'Hood the Best!


In honor of tomorrow's DOGMA Street Fair and Pet Talent Show in Hayes Valley, we asked you to submit and vote on 24 San Francisco pets fiercely repping their 'hoods. And boy, were they a cute, furry bunch to look at. Every day at the office it was a struggle to decide who we'd vote for. After an avalanche of votes, there was, however, a clear winner.

Representing Jackson Square, with legs splayed in full glory and a big ol' grin on his face, Cicero takes home the hefty prize package and will be the Official Mascot at tomorrow's DOGMA fair.

It's an event celebrating local businesses and animal adoptions, but it's more than just that. Think of it as a chance to meet other pet lovers (we want you to bring more than just dogs and cats out to the event!), grab brunch in the area and experience all the amazing services the city extends to its animal citizens (think dog massages, acupuncture, holistic medicine, behavior advice and much more). So come by, give Cicero a belly rub and have fun!

We know many of you may have rescued your animals from the SF SPCA, which is why this event is so special to us, because you know we love pets. DOGMA's all about raising awareness about the great work they do every day for animals.

For full details on all the happenings tomorrow in Hayes Valley, click here. Saturday, September 24, 11 am to 3 pm on Octavia Street between Hayes and Fell.

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