First Bite: Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous


Now that we're in the thick of summer I'm doing what I always do when the weather turns warm: eating ice cream nearly every single day. I know that health-wise this probably isn't the best move, but with only a finite number of sunny days to mess around with, I try and cram my annual allottment into a few short months (oddly, Boston is the top ice cream consuming city in the whole country, despite the 9 months of winter).

For ice cream aficianados there's a new entrant in the creamery wars—Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous. The Dogpatch newcomer opened about  a month ago in a sleek space on 22nd street, directly across from Serpentine. Owned by restaurant veterans Ian Flores and Annabelle Topacio, the all-organic parlor has simple flavors like chocolate chip and chocolate peanut butter, as well as more innovative combinations, like the sure-to-be-signature ballpark (Anchor Steam ice cream with peanuts and pretzels), candied violet, and sorbets that taste like a pure distillation on fruit. When you go, be sure to ask for a cone, not a cup, because the cones are made in-house and are hands-down the most delicious I've ever had, ultra crisp and laced with vanilla. You may also want to pick up some of the (housemade) peanut butter malt balls (!!), caramels and chocolate chip cookies to have later. Then again, perhaps you'll just want to go full-throttle and have a banana split, the ice cream topped with housemade caramel, hot fudge, butterscotch or pineapple sauce, garnished with Valrhona chocolate crispies or toasted almonds. After all, there are only so many sunny days. 699 22nd St., 415-970-0750. Cash only.

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