Four Asian Burritos That Will Blow Your Mind

Four Asian Burritos That Will Blow Your Mind


Our city's two largest immigrant populations form a beautiful union in one uniquely San Francisco treat: The Asian burrito. Like the classic Mission staple, most of these foil-wrapped gut bombs use rice and a flour tortilla as a canvas for flavors, but the similarities to taqueria fare stop there. Here are four great Asian burritos that are worth checking off your to-eat list. 

HRD Coffee Shop's spicy pork kimchi burrito

The Korean and Chinese owners of this SoMa diner infuse the flavors of home into classic American fare. Exhibit A: The spicy pork kimchi burrito, which hides an explosion of flavorful ingredients under a flour tortilla wrap: Kimchi fried jasmine rice, 24-hour spicy marinated pork butt, kiwi salsa, julienne cucumber, mung bean sprouts, and sour cream. See also: Tacos with spicy pork tacos or chicken and pineapple. 

521 #A 3rd Street, SOMA

The Senor Sisig burrito

An Off the Grid staple, Senor Sisig's Filipino owners take Mexican tacos and burritos and give them a traditional sisig ("sour and spicy") pork spin. Like a Filipino take on carnitas, the meat makes perfect sense in this context, surrounded by adobo rice (seasoned with garlic, soy sauce and coconut milk), pinto beans, salsa, lettuce and cilantro cream sauce. If you're not into spiced-up pork shoulder, sub in chicken or tofu.  

Various locations. Follow @SenorSisig on Twitter. 

Curry Up Now chicken tikka masala burrito

You've got to taste it to believe it, but the combination of chicken tikka masala, chickpeas, pickled onions, and rice wrapped in a La Palma tortilla is totally addictive. The spicy, creamy sauce makes magic with tart, bright onions, and you can experience it all over the place thanks to this food truck's multiple parking spots throughout San Francisco. *Side notes: Even if you order the CTM burrito "mild," there's a nice hit of spice, and one serving is big enough to make two meals—that is, if you can restrain yourself from eating the whole thing in one sitting. 

Various locations. See Facebook for the full schedule. 

Hapa SF's chicken banh mi burrito

For the most part, William Pilz's Hapa SF marries market-fresh ingredients, Filipino flavors and a taco truck mentality. A rare exception is the chicken banh mi burrito, combining mostly Vietnamese flavors with a Mexican delivery system. Pickled carrots, jicama, cilantro, cabbage, and jalapenos brighten up a raft of tender, juicy adobo chicken. Not surprisingly, the burrito's lone Filipino nod is the best part of every bite. 

Various locations. Follow @HapaSF on Twitter. 

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