Franc & Blanc: Wine Country's Party of the Summer


Chateau Montelena helped put Napa on the map back in 70s. And this June 25th, they're throwing what's being billed as the Valley's party of the summer with Franc & Blanca chance to indulge in the Chateaus's delicious wines (made famous by the movie Bottle Shock). Come up to mingle with winemakers Bo Barrett (played by Chris Pine in the film), Cam Parry and Matt Crafton for an up-close and personal glimpse at the way a hot-ticket vineyard like this one operates.

And there's a lot more to do that just drink wine. Look forward to tons of music, food, a photo booth, wine classes, barrel tastings, games and prizes. Taking place just after the summer solstice, Napa will be at it's most beautiful, so you won't want to miss the fast-moving ticket sales to this event. There are none at the door, so jump on them here before they sell out!

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