Get in the Game with Tim Lincecum


It’s almost opening day at AT&T Park, and Tim Lincecum is stepping up to the plate, err should we say bowl. As you may have seen, our friends over at popchips have teamed up with Lincecum to “chip in” to charity by asking SF  fans how they want to see Tim volunteer in the community.
What did Tim have to say when asked about chipping in to the San Francisco community?  "San Francisco is a great city to play baseball in. We have awesome fans, and their support is a big part of our team’s success. The popchips game changers program is a chance to give back to the fans that support us."
Kallie from SF, who spent time in the hospital as a child with a chronic illness, suggested Tim visit patients at UCSF who are in need of a little sunshine. Kallie said “When I was a kid stuck in the hospital (I have a chronic illness) nothing made me feel better, except when family & friends would visit. I feel like seeing one of your favorite baseball players walk through the door would turn your health and your mood right around. It’s amazing how little visits like that can really help you get better. When you’re happy, you’re healthy.”
Alice, from Raising a Reader, a non-profit near AT&T Park helping kids in need by giving them books and services to enable them to learn reading skills suggested Tim read a child’s book about baseball, or a favorite book from his childhood, to a group of their kids.
Ayesha from KEEN San Francisco (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now) asked Tim to chip in and volunteer as a coach at one of their Sunday sessions.
With two weeks left to submit your idea, don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to get in the game and be a game changer with Tim Lincecum in SF.  What are you passionate about? So far, San Francisco has come up with great ideas on ways Tim can chip in. popchips is accepting charity and local cause submissions here through April 30th.

The local community is invited to vote on the submissions that they want to see popchips bring to life. Tim Lincecum will choose the winning idea from the top five most popular entries and in June, popchips will help this hometown hero give back.


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